In order to properly compare electricity rates and find the best electricity rates in Dallas, Texas, you need to understand a few things about the Texas electricity market, how energy suppliers offer price quotes, and how to properly compare an energy rate plan in Texas. Shopping for the best electricity rates in Houston, Dallas, and the rest of Texas is simple and easy with's Texas Rate Shopping Tool

Best Electricity Rates in Dallas: What You Need To Know

Texas, unlike other deregulated energy markets in the U.S., practices true energy deregulation. In Texas, customers must choose an energy supplier outside of their local utility company. In other states throughout the U.S., customers can opt to stay with the local utility company for their energy supply. Due to this fact, Dallas, Texas customers must be diligent when shopping for energy providers and comparing rates. We put this guide together to help you understand the best practices to follow when shopping for electricity in Dallas

Things to Consider When Comparing Electric Rates in Dallas

When shopping for energy in Dallas, there are many things to consider: rate, term, rate components, supplier credibility, and cancellation fees. Here is our guide to comparing energy rates in Dallas, TX.

Fixed or Variable Rate?

Make sure you first understand whether the rate is a fixed rate or a variable rate. Fixed rates stay constant throughout your contract term. Variable rates, on the other hand, can change month-to-month with the ups and downs of the market. When shopping for electricity in Dallas, it is important to decide whether a fixed or variable rate is right for you. Many times, customers will choose to fix or lock-in their rate for electricity. In this scenario, you will pay the same $/kWh for each kilo Watt hour of electricity that you use. It is also important to note that your fixed rate is "all inclusive" and that there are no hidden fees or pass through charges from the energy supplier. 

Fixed Term

Should you decide on a fixed rate for electricity, you must now decide on your contract term length. A longer term contract is best suited when the market is low and you can lock-in a low price for 2 or 3 years. You might also want to consider a short-term contract if you think prices will get better in the future. Deciding when and how long to lock-in a fixed rate is a big decision and can affect your savings. Make sure to consult a professional Texas energy advisor before making a decision.

Supplier Credibility and Contract Terms

It is important to contract with a credible energy supplier when choosing an electricity rate in Dallas. When you contract with a supplier who might go out of business before your contract expires, you are subjecting yourself to risk in the future. At, we pride ourselves in pre-vetting our Dallas energy suppliers, and we only show you offers from energy suppliers with a great reputation. Need help in deciding your energy supplier in Dallas? Contact us today!

Interested In Learning More?

At, not only do we offer an online shopping portal where you can browse energy offers from multiple suppliers, review contract terms, and sign-up directly with a supplier, we also provide professional advice and guidance! Call us today to speak to one of our expert energy advisors who can guide you through your options!