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In order to properly compare electricity rates in Pittsburgh and find the best rates, you need to understand a few things about the Pennsylvania electricity market, how energy suppliers offer price quotes, and how to properly compare an energy rate plan in Pittsburgh.

Compare Electricity Rates Pittsburgh: What You Need To Know


Pennsylvania is another state in the U.S. practicing energy deregulation. In Pittsburgh, residential and commercial customers have the option choose an energy supplier outside of their local utility company, such as Duquesne Light, West Penn Power, Penn Power, or Penelec. Because PA offers a free-trading energy market with supplier competition, customers can many times find lower rates with energy suppliers and save money. If you are a customer in Pittsburgh looking for the lowest electricity or natural gas rates, check out our Pittsburgh energy shopping page now.

Things to Consider When Comparing Energy Rates in Pittsburgh

There are several factors to consider when comparing electric rates in Pittsburgh. In order to make an educated decision and find the lowest Pittsburgh electric rate for your home or business, make sure you follow this guide.

Total Electricity Rate Price

Make sure you understand your total price for electricity. In Pennsylvania, there are three major costs that make up an electric rate: the cost of the electricity, transmission charges to deliver the power to your local utility company, and something called capacity. If you are looking for a fixed Pittsburgh electricity rate, make sure the rates you are comparing include all factors.

Contract Term

Another thing to consider when shopping for electricity in Pittsburgh is the term of your contract with the supplier. Short-term deals are great when you think market prices are going to be lower in the future. And, long term deals are attractive when you think the market is going up. Make sure to consult a professional energy advisor before making a decision.

Know The Supplier

Knowing the supplier with whom you are signing up is also very important. Find answers to questions like: How long have they been in business? How many customers do they serve? Do they have good reviews? Need help comparing electricity suppliers in Pittsburgh? Contact us today!

Interested In Learning More?

At, not only do we offer an online shopping portal where you can browse energy offers from multiple suppliers, review contract terms, and sign-up directly with a supplier, we also provide professional advice and guidance! Call us today to speak to one of our expert energy advisors who can guide you through your options!

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