How Does Community Solar Help the Environment?

How Does Community Solar Help the Environment?


Community solar allows large numbers of individuals to participate in green energy solutions by subscribing to a community energy project. The subscription saves money for the consumer by replacing the electricity they normally would pay for with a renewable energy source. Additionally, participation in a community solar project benefits the environment through the lessening of fossil fuel use, by reducing harmful emissions, and by individuals shrinking their own personal carbon footprints.

Negative Consequences

Without a substantial financial investment and serious planning efforts, a significant move toward clean energy will not be realized. Currently, we exist in a world that is heavily dependent on the global energy market with an imbalanced demand on our limited natural resources required to power society. Additionally, our overuse of fossil fuels is creating higher greenhouse emissions and severe pollution problems leading to negative climate changes. One result of climate change is an increase in sea levels which promotes erosion, wetland flooding, salt contamination of soil, and lost habitats for birds, fish, and native plants. Additionally, climate changes promote shifting patterns in precipitation, acid-rich ocean waters, severe storms, and intense and more frequent droughts which further impact the environment in a negative way. These climate changes affect all members of society, especially low-income families, who are less able to recover from these negative environmental changes. As a caring society, we must work to improve the current situation and reduce our dependency.

What Can We Do?

To battle these environmental issues there is a growing push to replace traditional energy power sources with clean, renewable energy. Solar energy production is one option available. By capturing the energy of the sun and converting it into electricity we can substantially reduce health-threatening emissions released by burning fossil fuels. Studies have shown that 5 metric tons of CO2 are offset each year by an average-sized family’s use of solar power. The best part is the sun’s rays provide an inexhaustible source of power to run our homes and businesses.

How Community Solar Helps

Community solar is an especially inviting option since it does not require a financial commitment to install solar panels upon one’s home or business. Instead, solar panels are installed in large numbers on open, sun-drenched fields and customers subscribe to these community solar projects for little or no charge. Subscribers, through their participation in the community solar project, share many economic benefits, the most desired being reduced utility bills. In areas where the electric grid capacity is low or where there is no access to the grid, customers’ reliance on solar can be a lifesaver. The environmental benefits these programs offer are numerous. Community solar arrays offer inclusivity since everyone has access to clean, pollution-free electricity without the need to install rooftop solar panels. Community solar does not contribute to global warming thus supporting healthy air and water quality and it reduces the pollution currently being emitted from the use of coal and natural gas.

Community solar projects offer the perfect solution to today’s energy problems. It is an ideal solution for those wanting to reduce pollution and all the related negative environmental effects. It saves consumers money on their utility bills and provides equal access to enjoying the benefits of solar-produced electricity. If your state has such a program, sign up for a subscription because you will be participating in a cleaner, greener, and brighter tomorrow.

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