In an effort to slow global warming by reducing carbon emissions from the use of fossil fuels, many states are pushing for the production of clean energy. Solar energy falls under this category of clean energy and can be realized through traditional sources such as rooftop solar panels. Solar panels are able to harness the rays of the sun and through a complicated process turn them into electricity. 


Solar For All?


Not everyone is eligible for solar rooftop panels. Renters and those who occupy multi-use facilities cannot install solar panels on roofs they do not own. Also, some community homeowner associations do not allow the installation of rooftop panels for aesthetic reasons. Lower-income families find it difficult to meet the costly requirements to purchase and install solar panels and therefore cannot enjoy the attached benefits. Finally, in order to harness the sun’s rays a property must be located in certain climates or locations where sunlight is not restricted from shining on rooftops. So despite recognizing the benefits of solar energy it is not a practical solution for many.


Community Solar Saves the Day


This is where community solar saves the day. Ineligible solar panel customers as well as those who care about the health of our environment and planet can elect an alternative solar model, and community solar programs. These programs are built to allow customers to buy solar energy with little or no cost and do not involve their homes or business structures. Community solar projects are offsite power facilities that are third-party sites and are not owned by the utility company but rather by third-party entities. Community solar customers enroll through a low-cost or cost-free subscription service and acquire a certain percentage of the solar panels that comprise the entire solar array. They then are awarded credits in the form of savings on their monthly energy bills. 


Community solar projects allow equal access to clean solar energy, promote the reduction of carbon emissions, and help create a healthier environment for future generations all while not placing any financial stresses on individuals or business owners. It is a win-win situation for all!

Residential Electricity Rates

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Commercial Electricity Rates

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