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  1. How Can I Tell When My Electric Contact Expires?

    How Can I Tell When My Electric Contact Expires?

    Understanding the expiration date of your electricity supply contract can seem confusing. Do not fret! We are here to help! The expiration date of your contract can differ depending on the type of customer you are. If you are a residential customer, then many utilities allow you to switch or end your contract in a […]

  2. Electricity Rates 101

    Electricity Rates 101

    Interested in learning more about electricity rates for your home or business? Here is a guide to electricity rates, shopping for energy, and everything you need to know about electricity deregulation...     Electricity Rates Overview   Throughout the U.S., several states have deregulated their electricity markets allowing residential and commercial customers the right to […]

  3. What Is The Best Electricity Plan?

    What Is The Best Electricity Plan?

    Shopping for electricity can seem overwhelming at times. There are several different products (ie. Fixed, variable, index, etc.) out on the market and a variety of factors that effect the price per kilowatt hour. What Is the Best Electricity Plan For You? Whether you are shopping for your business or home, there are a few […]

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