What Are the Benefits of Community Solar?

What Are the Benefits of Community Solar?


Renewable energy has become increasingly popular with growing concerns about environmental issues as well as a desire to break free from global energy dependency. The traditional path has been to use natural resources such as wind, water, and solar energy to combat the downside of fossil fuel electricity production. Solar is an excellent choice since the sun provides an inexhaustible source of power that can be harnessed using rooftop installed solar panels. However, not everyone has the opportunity to purchase solar panels. Due to economic reasons, you may not be able to afford panels. Also, those who do not own their homes or live in multi-family homes cannot install panels. 


Savings for All

This is where community solar farms come in. Solar panels are installed on open land within the community and residents have the opportunity to purchase subscriptions to the solar project and receive credit on their utility bills. There are little or no upfront costs to customers and, in areas where subscriptions cost less than the value of the utility bill credits, they save money. As opposed to owning rooftop solar panels, subscribers don’t have to pay additional installation costs for ongoing maintenance costs for the solar panels since the community solar facility owner handles all of those issues.


Local Benefits

The community benefits greatly from community solar projects. First, pollution is reduced by moving away from fossil fuel production and toward clean energy production. There is also the benefit of increased economic conditions within the community as solar farms create jobs through the development, construction, and ongoing maintenance of the solar facilities. When communities join together and work toward a cleaner and greener environment everyone benefits.


Energy Resiliency

One goal of community solar projects is to decrease our ongoing dependency on global energy markets, particularly foreign fossil fuels. As more and more states offer community solar options the less we will be looking to global fossil fuel commodity markets to satisfy our energy needs. Local community solar facilities also help to provide stable energy supply to contribute to a stronger and more resilient grid. Community solar benefits us all by contributing to a cleaner, more independent, and more resilient electricity grid.

Fossil fuels used to produce electricity produce harmful CO2 emissions which heat in the atmosphere. This trapped heat leads to rising sea levels, extreme weather conditions, and unpredictable yields from farmers, all of which add to the environmental and economic demise of our planet. Clean and efficient energy options are more in demand than ever before and community solar is an excellent alternative to traditional forms of fossil fuel-based energy production.


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