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Where Does Texas Electricity Come From?

If you live in Texas, you might be wondering where all the electricity comes from. Or, you might not think about it at all (ha!). Either way, it is important to understand where electricity in Texas comes from and what factors affect your utility bill each month. Check out the chart below and see a list of the sources of electricity generation in Texas:


Natural Gas (46%)


Almost 50% of all electricity in Texas comes from natural gas. In natural gas generation plants, gas is lit on fire to cause explosions that turn turbines to create electricity. Electric generation through gas is very efficient and has replaced coal-fired power plants in most parts of the country. 


Wind Energy (23%)


Texas is a windy state, especially parts of West Texas. So, many energy companies are taking advantage of the wind and installing windmill farms. These farms are home to hundreds of windmills that spin in the wind to generate electricity. In fact, about 23% of all Texas power comes from the wind. 


Coal (18%)


Coal, the old dirty form of generating electricity, still accounts for nearly 20% of all power generation in Texas. Although this form of electricity generation is slowly being phased out due to environmental concerns, Texans could not survive without it. 


Nuclear and Solar (13%)


Nuclear power generation and solar energy account for the last 13% of electricity generation in Texas. Nuclear power, although deemed dangerous due to its elements, is a very clean form of power generation. Solar farms, on the other hand, are growing quickly throughout the state and will continue to play a larger role in the power generation princess in the future. 

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