Community Solar in

New York

Solar farms in New York are a great way to benefit from renewable energy without needing to invest in your own personal array.


Guide to Community Solar in New York

Community solar is breaking barriers that restricted Americans from using solar energy.


Gone are the days of needing space to install a solar array. Now you and your neighbors can benefit from clean energy with Community Solar in New York.

Traditionally, if you wanted to invest in solar, you had to install your own panels. In addition to space, you would need to come up with the upfront cash, panel maintenance costs and space to install the array.

Developers knew there had to be a better way. Consumers want green energy even if they do not have the upfront cash or square feet at their place. With community solar, you do not need to worry about any of that! Regardless of if you rent or own you can subscribe to a community solar farm and reap the benefits of solar.


What is Community Solar in New York?

In New York, community solar programs are a way for residents and businesses to support renewable energy. In exchange for their support, they receive savings on their electric bill. Even if you rent an apartment or operate a business out of a suite, community solar is an option for you.

Solar farms are developed and installed in areas with a lot of land. They maximize the amount of panels they can install on that farm. The solar farms are nearby your home or office and will always be in your utility footprint.

If you are on third party supply or even still with the utility, you can subscribe to community solar in NY.


How does Community Solar work?

Your utility knows that solar is cheaper over time than fossil fuels. Because of this, they will buy it in exchange for savings credits. As the subscriber, you will then receive a part of the credits just for connecting to the solar project. The other portion will go back to the developer to maintain the array.

Your utility will still deliver your power the same as it always has.

Community Solar in New York

Step 1

Developer builds a solar farm in a central spot.

Step 2

The solar farm generates electric and sends it to the grid for local residents & businesses to subscribe to.

Step 3

Subscribers receive a credit for their portion of the power produced.

Step 4

The utility provides the subscribers with solar credits on their electric bill to reduce their overall electric supply costs.

How much can you save with Community Solar?

Savings are from 10-20% off your electric bill. This does depend on the utility in New York. The best part is there is no cost to join!

Benefits of enrolling in Community Solar:

  • First, it’s quick and easy to sign up
  • Second, NO installation costs
  • NO need to maintain the panels
  • No cancellation fee options (depending on the customer’s usage and on the developer)
  • Bonus – you can support local renewable energy


Interested in getting a Community Solar quote?

Please note that there is limited capacity to community solar and enrollments are on a first come basis.

Still have questions? Below are our Frequently Asked Questions on Community Solar:

Am I eligible?

Eligibility is based on the solar farms in your service area. You can only enroll with an array in your utility footprint and once the array is full, the farm is then closed to new subscribers. EnergyPricing.com can help you find an array in your area by calling us at 800-225-3813.

Why will it reduce my power bill?

By subscribing to a solar farm, you support renewable energy in your local neighborhood. The utility knows the benefit of solar and provides the farm a savings credit for reducing emissions. Additionally, a portion of that credit is then given to the subscribers based on their usage profile. Those credits are equal to savings off your monthly bill and guaranteed to be 10-20%.

Does this cost anything out of pocket to EnergyPricing.com?

There are no up front costs with subscribing to a solar farm through EnergyPricing.com

How does EnergyPricing.com make money off Community Solar?

EnergyPricing.com is paid by the developer for each customer we enroll in their project. Because of this, there is no extra mark up.

Why use EnergyPricing.com for Community Solar?

EnergyPricing.com has a network of developers ready to help our clients with their community solar options.

What if I do not like the subscription?

Cancelation fees are based on your usage profile and vary among developers. We do have some that offer no cancellation fees. As a note, cancellations can take up to a few billing cycles to process.

Contact Us to Learn More about Community Solar in New York

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