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New Haven Electric

New Haven is a coastal city located in Connecticut. With just over 130,000 residents, the city is a thriving college spot and full of history. In New Haven, Connecticut, energy consumers have the power to choose their supplier. At, we offer the resources to help you compare companies and sign up for a new rate.

About Your New Haven Electric

In Connecticut, the energy market is deregulated. This leads to two different parties in your power consumption — suppliers and utilities. Suppliers set their price and sell power to consumers. Because these companies compete for business, the overall price of energy stays lower than it would in a regulated market. Plus, consumers have the freedom to choose their suppliers, giving them some control over the price they pay.

The supplier you choose will send your power to your local utility for delivery. In New Haven, the United Illuminating Company is your utility. It’s in charge of fixing outages and maintaining power lines. You can contact this company directly when you have an energy issue.

Energy market prices shift all the time, which means a low rate now may not be low next month. Shopping for a new supplier can help you take advantage of a current dip in the electric market. When you sign a supplier contract, you’ll commit to typically a fixed or variable rate. Fixed rates are constant for a set period, and variable rates fluctuate each month based on the market.

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At, it’s easy to compare supplier rates with our reverse energy auctions. We’ll identify a group of suppliers specific to your location and load profile, and they’ll submit bids to win your business. Our secure platform allows you to watch the bidding process live.

When the auction is over, your energy advisor will be alongside you to discuss your rate and contract options. Not always is the lowest rate the best option. Sometimes, clients favor the second lowest option instead due to the contract language being a better suit.

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Our reverse energy auctions are beneficial to large commercial and industrial clients with high energy consumption. If you’re a New Haven resident or small business owner, you might prefer viewing our current rates online. This tool uses your zip code and service start date to give you a list of market rates. Find your preferred price and sign a contract right from our site.

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