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Naperville is a well-known suburb of Chicago, and it’s home to over 147,000 people. If you’re one of the many people who live in this area, you also live in a deregulated energy market. At, we can help you navigate deregulation and find a new provider to save on your next bill.

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In Illinois‘ deregulated energy market, providers set their rates to win business with consumers. Customers get to choose their provider based on their rates or another criteria, giving them more control over what they pay. With this system, the price of energy can be lower than it would be in a regulated market.

Once you enroll with a new electric supplier, they will procure your power and send it to your utility. Utilities are responsible for energy distribution, and they operate in designated service territories. In Naperville, ComEd distributes your electricity. If you find a downed power line or experience an outage, you can call this company directly to handle the issue.

The energy market fluctuates for a range of reasons, meaning the price you agreed to on your last contract will be different than what you lock in for your renewal. Shopping for electric options can help you keep your rate low and may even help you save on your next bill. Before you start price comparisons, make sure you know when your existing contract ends to avoid early cancellation fees.

When you sign with a new electric supplier, you’ll choose a fixed or variable rate. A fixed agreement is at a set price for a predetermined period. Variable rates change from month to month based on the energy market.

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At, we take the challenges out of shopping for providers with our reverse energy auctions. To start your auction, our team will identify a group of electric suppliers available within your service area. When the auction begins, these companies will submit bids in an effort to win your business.

Providers know you’re looking for a low rate, so the bids will drop instead of rising like they would in a conventional auction. You can log into your account and watch the bid progression happen live. When the auction ends, you’ll have a list of rates to choose from.

Reading through provider contracts takes careful consideration. To make it easier, we’ll set you up with an energy advisor to discuss your options and find the right contract for you.

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While our reverse auctions are helpful for large commercial and industrial consumers, Naperville residents and small business owners may be looking for a quick and instant enrollment. Our shopping platform gives you a list of current market rates based on your utility info. Find the best provider for you and enroll right on our site.

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