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Rockford Energy

Rockford is a city in northern Illinois with over 147,000 residents. In the deregulated energy market, these residents have the power to choose their providers and find a low rate. At, we can help you find low Rockford energy rates and save on your next bill.

All About Your Electric in Rockford, Illinois

In Illinois, the energy market is deregulated. In this type of market, providers set energy rates, and consumers can choose their providers. Deregulation creates competition among electric companies, eliminating monopolies and keeping the overall cost of energy down.

While consumers have control over their providers, they still work with a utility based on where they live. Utility companies distribute the energy providers sell. These companies also maintain power lines and respond to outages as needed. In Rockford, you count on ComEd to handle these responsibilities.

Energy market prices fluctuate all the time for various reasons, like weather changes or economic shifts. Since prices are constantly changing, a low rate now may not be a low rate next month. Staying on top of your energy agreement and shopping for a future start date gives you the opportunity to take advantage of a market dip now.

When you sign a new contract, you’ll commit to a fixed or variable rate. Fixed contracts are set for a predetermined period. Variable rates shift from month to month based on market changes. Before you sign a new contract, make sure you set service to start after your existing agreement to avoid potential cancellation fees.

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Comparing electric rates takes careful consideration, especially if you’re a large commercial consumer with high consumption. At, our reverse energy auctions simplify the process for quick results.

Our team will create a group of electric companies to compete for your business. These companies know you want a low rate, so the bids will drop rather than rise like they would in a traditional auction. With our auction platform, you can watch the process happen in real time.

When the auction is over, you’ll be able to choose from a list of contracts. Your energy advisor will help you understand your options and find the best electric option for your usage. Some consumers walk away with the lowest rate. Others sign the contract with the most favorable terms. Regardless, you’ll have everything.

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If you’re a Rockford resident or small business owner, you may want a faster option. Our shopping platform is a simple way to compare rates. We ask for your utility info to give you accurate rates, and you can easily compare the prices on your own. Sign up online with ease.

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