Boston Electric Rates.

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Boston Electric Rates

In Boston, over 650,000 people count on utilities and suppliers to deliver efficient, reliable energy to their homes and businesses. Whether you’re a business owner or a resident, you can benefit from comparing suppliers and committing to a third party supplier. At, we’ll help you find the best rate and contract for your usage.

How Do Your Boston Electric Utilities Work?

Massachusetts has a deregulated energy market. This arrangement prevents utility monopolies and allows suppliers to set their rates and compete for business. While deregulation keeps energy prices down in general, it also gives consumers the chance to choose their suppliers and shop for a better rate.

While your energy supplier is up to you, your utility is based on where you live. In Boston, Eversource is your utility, and they distribute the energy your supplier provides. If you have an outage or power line issue, you can contact them to fix the problem. 

When you’re ready to shop for a supplier, you need to think about your current contract and what you’re looking for in the future. Determine when your existing agreement ends so you can avoid early termination fees.

Understanding Contract Terms and Options Doesn't Need to Be Tricky

With your new contract, you have the option to choose your product type. Knowing what is best for your business can be tricky.

We only provide our residential customers with fixed rate solutions. There are plenty of products on the market including variable and monthly service fee options. Those are rarely worth the added fee or risk for them.

Our commercial clients can benefit from other a fixed product type or a block and index solution. There are components that make up your energy supply that you can lock in or pass through with a fixed agreement. We can help you determine the best solution for your business with a quick call.

If you need help understanding energy contracts in Massachusetts, you can talk to one of our energy advisors at 800-225-3813.

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Reduce Your Average Utilities Cost in Boston With An Auction

At, we utilize energy auctions for our commercial clients. When you sign up for a reverse energy auction, we’ll identify a group of available suppliers to bid for your business. You’ll be able to watch in real time as they submit lower and lower rates.

When the auction closes, we’ll pair you with an energy advisor to discuss your options. Our team wants you to understand your contract choices so you can make the most informed decision for your usage.

Our reverse auctions are ideal for large commercial and industrial operations that consume high amounts of energy. Reducing your rate can make a significant difference in your expenses.

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