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Electricity Suppliers in Cambridge, MA

Business owners and residents in Cambridge count on utilities and suppliers to deliver their energy to them. With, it’s easy to find a Cambridge electricity supplier with a low rate.

Your Guide to Cambridge Utilities

Massachusetts has a deregulated energy market, which drives competition among suppliers and prevents utilities from forming monopolies. Energy suppliers have competitive rates to try to win business, and consumers can choose suppliers based on their offers. With deregulation, consumers have more control over what they pay.

Your Cambridge, Massachusetts, electricity provider sends power to your utility. Utilities respond to outages, maintain power lines and send power to their defined service areas. Eversource is your utility in Cambridge, and you can contact them for help during outages.

When you’re ready to start shopping for a new energy rate, it’s wise to know when your current contract ends so you can avoid any early termination fees.

Understanding Electricity Product Types Available

Additionally, you will need to know what type of energy product works best for your business or home.

For our residential customers, we recommend fixed rates. Other products on the market that offer variable rates or monthly service fees do not likely make sense from a savings standpoint. The risk is rarely worth the reward.

Our commercial clients have other product types that depend on their business profile and may be beneficial to use. Within the energy supply, there are parts of a fixed rate agreement you can choose to lock in or pass through. If you are unsure what is the best path to take for your usage, give one of our energy experts a call at 800-225-3813.

Compare Rates Near You

Find a New Cambridge Electricity Provider With An Auction

If you’re a larger commercial or industrial consumer, your energy bill likely makes up a large portion of your expenses. At, we make it easy to find a new Cambridge electricity supplier with our reverse energy auction process.

To start your reverse auction, we’ll ask for some basic info, like contact info and a service start date. We’ll also need your utility account info. From there, we’ll comprise a list of suppliers able to bid on your energy. You will receive a login to watch the day of the auction LIVE as they submit their offers tailored to your consumption.

When the auction ends, you’ll work with your energy experts to discuss your options. Whether you end up with the lowest rate, best contract for your needs or both, you’ll have all the tools and data to make an informed choice.

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