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Albany Energy Companies tells you everything you need to know about the deregulated energy market and Albany electric supply. With our services, you can compare suppliers and find a new rate that helps you save.

Get to Know Your Electric Supply in Albany, New York

Like many states in the U.S., New York has a deregulated electricity market. This market type allows competition of suppliers and ultimately drives electric prices down. It also allows consumers like you to choose who supplies your energy. Your supplier determines the rate you pay. With the energy market constantly changing like the stock market, there’s likely a lower rate out there than the one you’re currently paying.

Once you select a supplier, they then provide energy to your utility, which will distribute it to your home or business. Utilities serve specified regions, and they’re responsible for maintaining power lines and responding to outages. In Albany, your utility is National Grid.

Key Items to Review First

Before you agree to a new supplier, you should decide what type of rate you’re looking for — fixed, block & index or variable. A fixed rate will not change throughout your contract, and you can typically choose a 12-month, 24-month or 36-month agreement. Longer term contracts are available. It’s important to understand what parts of your fixed rate are locked in. To better understand, reach out to one of our Energy Advisors at 800-225-3813. Variable rates change from month to month and depend on fluctuations in the energy market. Block & index is a hybrid of both options and is typically more geared towards larger consumers of electricity.

Determining the right type depends on the market’s current state when you sign and your preferred risk level. Fixed rates are beneficial when the market is low. When you choose a start date for your new service, make sure it’s after your current contract ends to avoid early termination fees.

Compare Rates Near You

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When you run a large commercial or industrial company, energy plays a significant role in your expenses. While you can compare rates yourself, this approach may not get you the results you’re looking for. Your time is important and researching supplier rates can lead to frustration and be very time consuming. With the energy market changing daily, it’s hard to ensure pricing all comes in at the same time to easily compare apples to apples. At, our reverse energy auctions offer more than a comparison. They allow for suppliers to compete for your business and drive your rate down in real-time. Feel confident in your pricing and watch the bids come in at the same time, offering you peace of mind that you have a solid comparison.

Schedule Your Reverse Auction Today

Our team schedules your auction with a group of available suppliers from our network. On the day of the auction, you’ll watch in real time as suppliers submit their best bids in the hopes of winning your business. When bidding closes, you’ll have an extensive list of rates to choose from and an Energy Advisor to review them with. To set the auction up, we’ll need:

  • A start date for your new agreement;
  • Your preferred rate type;
  • Relevant electric accounts or a recent energy bill; and
  • Your contact info.

Feel Confident With Your New Agreement

We want you to feel confident about your decision, so you’ll work with one of our energy advisors when the auction is complete. They’ll help you understand your options. Whether you opt for the lowest rate or your favorite contract language, we’ll make sure you have the details you need to make an informed choice. It is not always that the lowest rate wins. Often, the contract language will beat out a lower rate if the terms and conditions appeal more to your risk and comfort levels. With multiple variables making up a fixed-rate product, it’s important to understand which aspects are locked in and which allow for pass-throughs. We can help you navigate those items to determine the best option for your business.

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