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If you’re trying to lower your energy expenses, choosing a new supplier can make all the difference. At EnergyPricing.com, we inform you about your Mount Vernon electrical supply and how you can use our services to find a lower rate.

Learn About Your Mount Vernon Electric Rates

Mount Vernon exists within New York‘s deregulated energy market, allowing consumers like you to choose their energy supplier. The supplier you commit to will determine the rate you pay for energy usage.

Your utility is a separate company from your supplier. They distribute the energy suppliers provide through a network of power lines. In Mount Vernon, New York, your utility is ConEdison. They’re your first point of contact if you have an outage or power line issue.

Selecting a new supplier can help you reduce your energy bill. Before you start your search, you should find out when your current contract ends so you can sidestep early termination fees.

When you sign a new contract, you’ll commit to a fixed or variable rate. Suppliers base fixed rates on the market at the time you sign, and the price you pay will stay the same for the length of your contract. Variable rates change with the energy market. The risk is higher, but you can end up with better savings in some cases.

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When you run a large commercial or industrial business, you likely have high energy consumption. If your energy bill is a significant part of your budget, finding a new supplier can lead to substantial savings. You can choose a new supplier by comparing market rates, but the prices you’ll find won’t be tailored to you. EnergyPricing.com offers another solution — a reverse energy auction.

Rather than offering a standard comparison, our reverse auctions make suppliers compete for your business. To get started, we’ll ask for:

  • Your basic contact and business information.
  • A recent energy bill.
  • Your preferred rate type.
  • A start date.

Once we have all the details we need, we’ll compile a group of suppliers from our network and set up an auction. These companies will submit lower bids to try to win your business with the best rate. You can watch the process in real time. When the bidding period closes, you’ll have a series of suppliers and rates to choose from.

One of our energy advisors will work with you to explain your options. Whether you choose the lowest rate or your favorite contract, our advisors will make sure you feel confident about your decision.

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A quick market rate comparison may be a better option for Mount Vernon residents or small business owners. Shop energy rates online with just your utility name and customer type today. Enroll with a new supplier through our site with a few pieces of info.

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