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As a New York City resident or business owner, you can choose the company that supplies your energy. With a different supplier, you can lower your rate and save on your electric bill in NYC. teaches you about supplier competition and how our services can help you find a new rate.

Understand Your Electric Bill in NYC

Like many states in the U.S., New York has a deregulated energy market, which creates competition among energy suppliers. This competition allows you, the consumer, to choose which company supplies your energy. The supplier you choose will determine the rate your pay.

Your supplier will send energy to you through your utility. Utilities are companies that distribute energy and maintain power lines, and the one that serves you depends on where your home or business is located in the state. In New York City, your utility is ConEdison.

Changing suppliers can help you lower your average electric bill in NYC, but before you commit to a new one, you need to look at your current contract. Figure out when your agreement ends so you can avoid termination fees when choosing a new supplier.

You’ll also need to consider the rate type you want. Fixed rates stay the same throughout your agreement, and they’ll depend on what the market looks like when you sign. Variable rates change as the market does, meaning you could pay both high and low rates throughout the year.

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When you’re running a large commercial business, you probably have significant energy consumption. Your electric bill is a considerable expense. If you’re looking for savings, you might compare suppliers yourself or work with a traditional broker to find a new one. These options may not give you the comprehensive comparison you’re looking for, though. uses a reverse auction process to help you find a new rate. Rather than simply comparing prices on the market, a reverse auction drives your rate down so you know you’re getting an excellent price.

We’ll compile a list of suppliers in your area and make them compete for your business. You can watch in real time as suppliers bid lower and lower rates. When the bidding is over, you’ll have a variety of options to choose from. We’ll ask you for some basic information to start the auction:

  • A recent energy bill or account info
  • Your contact and business name
  • The start date and rate type you want for your new contract

After your auction, you’ll work with your dedicated energy advisor to discuss which contract best fits your usage. With our transparency, you can feel confident that you’re making the right choice.

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