Electric Rates in Rochester NY.

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Electricity Providers in Rochester, New York

Changing suppliers can help you reduce your electric bill. EnergyPricing.com teaches you about your Rochester electrical supply and how our services can help you switch and lower your rate.

Understand Your Rochester Electric Rates

New York is one of many states in the country with a deregulated electricity market. This deregulation leads suppliers to compete for business, as consumers like you get to choose who supplies your energy. Your supplier sets your rate for your energy. With the market constantly fluctuating, your current price may not be the lowest one around.

While your supplier decides your rate, your utility ensures your energy gets to your business and home. They maintain power lines and respond to outages, so they’re a primary contact for emergencies. In Rochester, your utility is Rochester Gas and Electric (RG&E).

Before you commit to a different supplier, you should decide what type of rate you want. Fixed rates stay the same during your contract, while variable rates fluctuate from month to month based on changes in the energy market. You should consider the state of the market and the level of risk you want to take when you sign.

It’s also essential that you find out when your current contract ends. If you cancel your agreement before the end date, you’ll likely have to pay early termination fees.

Compare Rates Near You

Lower Your Rochester Electric Rate With EnergyPricing.com

For a large commercial company, reducing your electric bill can make a huge difference in your bottom line. At EnergyPricing.com, we do more than just compare rates. We bring them down. With our reverse energy auctions, suppliers compete for your business, so that you get the best possible rate.

Before we start your auction, we’ll need:

  • Your contact and business info;
  • An agreement start date;
  • Your preferred rate type; and
  • A recent energy bill or list of relevant accounts.

We’ll identify a list of available suppliers from our network and set a date and time for the auction. When it starts, you can log into your account watch suppliers submit lower bids in real time. After the bidding window closes, you’ll decide on a supplier.

To help you understand your options, we’ll pair you with one of our energy advisors. They’ll explain your contract options and make sure you feel confident about your decision.

Get an Instant Quote to Compare Rochester Electric Rates

If you’re a Rochester resident or a small business owner, switching suppliers will still make a difference to your monthly budget. With our online rates, you can easily compare suppliers. We’ll just need your zip code and start date to give you accurate prices, and you can find a new supplier from there.

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