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Syracuse City Utilities helps you understand your electric supply in Syracuse, New York, and why choosing a new supplier can help you save. Learn about our services and how we make it easier to compare market rates.

Understanding the Electric Rates in Syracuse, New York

In New York, energy suppliers compete for business in the deregulated energy market. This competition allows consumers like you to choose who supplies your energy, and your choice will determine the rate you pay for that energy. With suppliers competing against each other, every rate is different. It’s possible you may not have the best contract available.

Your utility is a separate company from your supplier, and they’re responsible for distributing energy to your home or business. In Syracuse, National Grid is your electric utility. If you encounter power line issues or an outage, they are your point of contact.

Before you commit to a new supplier, you’ll want to find out when your current contract ends. Choose a start date that matches up to your agreement’s end date so you can avoid any early termination fees.

When you choose a supplier, you’ll commit to a fixed rate, block & index product or variable rate contract. Fixed rates are constant throughout your commitment, and variable rates change from month to month based on the energy market. If you sign during a low point in the market, fixed rates can be beneficial. There are different types of fixed rate products on the market so it is important to understand which parts of your energy are locked in. We can help you with that. Variable types come with more risk, as some months can be high, but others might be low.

Compare Rates Near You

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If you manage a large industrial or commercial operation, your energy bill probably makes up a significant portion of your budget. Finding a low rate is essential to saving money, and makes it easy to know you’re getting a reasonable price. With our reverse energy auctions, suppliers bid for your business. Instead of tirelessly comparing rates, you can easily bring them down with our technology.

To start this process, we’ll need:

  • A recent energy bill or list of accounts;
  • Your start date for your new agreement;
  • The type of rate you want; and
  • Your contact information.

We’ll create an auction group with available suppliers in our network. The auction will be set up typically five business days from the date you inquired. You can log into your account during your auction and watch as suppliers submit lower bids in an attempt to win your business. When the auction closes, you’ll discuss your options with one of our energy advisors.

Our goal is to inform you about the market and give you the confidence to choose a supplier with a low rate. The transparent auction lets you watch your rates drop, and our energy advisors give you the guidance you need to make an informed decision about the best contract for your needs. It is not always that the lowest price wins. Contract language can overrule a rate if there are certain parts that do not align with your business goals and risk. Our Energy Advisors will look at your conditions alongside you to help determine which option will be best for your energy goals in the near future.

Compare Syracuse Electric Rates With an Instant Quote

View current rates in an easy, quick way. If you’re a small business owner or Syracuse resident, this option might be your preferred choice. We’ll need your zip code or utility name and start date to compile accurate rates, and you can commit to a new supplier through our website.

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