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When is the last time you looked closely at your Dayton energy bill? As an Ohio resident or business owner, you have the option to choose your supplier and potentially reduce your energy rate. gives you the tools you need to compare suppliers and lower your rate.

Understand Your Electrical Supply in Dayton, Ohio

In Ohio, the energy market is deregulated, allowing multiple suppliers to provide for consumers in the state. As a consumer, you can choose which company supplies your electricity. Your supplier will determine the rate you pay for your energy supply on your bill. In Dayton, your utility is AES Ohio, formerly Dayton Power and Light. Your utility is a company that distributes the energy your supplier provides, and it depends on your location rather than personal choice.

While AES Ohio handles powerline maintenance, they’ll also provide a Price to Compare (PTC). This price does change throughout the year. It is important to take the average rate over 12 months. You can use the PTC when comparing suppliers to decide which companies are offering you a reasonable rate.

Before you start your supplier comparison, you should find out when your current contract ends to avoid termination fees. When you’re ready to sign a new contract, you’ll choose from a fixed, variable or block and index rate. Fixed contracts charge the same rate every month, and variable prices change with the energy market. The block and index option uses a fixed rate for specific usage and defaults to a variable rate past that point.

Commit to a New Electric Company in Dayton, Ohio, With

Comparing suppliers can feel like a challenge, especially when you’re a large commercial or industrial company. Working with a traditional broker or researching yourself may not lead to the most comprehensive comparison. offers a solution with reverse energy auctions. Our reverse auctions allow suppliers to bid against each other to win your business. They know you’re looking for a low rate, and they’ll compete with each other to offer lower and lower prices until the bidding period closes. To start this process, we’ll need:
  • Your contact and business information.
  • A start date and preferred rate type.
  • A recent energy bill.
We’ll organize the auction with our network of providers. All you need to do is log into your account on the day of your auction and watch your rates drop in real time. When the auction ends, you’ll work with one of our energy advisors to understand your contract options and commit to your new supplier.

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Our instant quotes make it easy for small businesses and Dayton residents to compare rates. We’ll ask for your zip code and service start date to compile a list of current market rates. Compare your options and sign up right online. 

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