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Shopping For Electricity Rates In Harrisburg

If you live in Harrisburg, then you know that you must choose an electricity provider for the electricity supply portion of your utility. But, shopping for electricity in Harrisburg can sometimes seem so complicated. With many Texas energy suppliers to choose from, finding the lowest rate for your home or business might seem challenging!

Do not worry! We have solved your problem of finding the lowest Harrisburg electricity rates. Our energy shopping website displays top offers from the cheapest electric suppliers in Harrisburg, so you can sign up for a rate right online! You can browse rates by supplier, term length, price per kWh, and more! 

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Do you have a home or commercial property located in Harrisburg? If so, you rely on your utility to distribute your electricity, but you can choose a supplier to change the rate you pay. At EnergyPricing.com, we give you easy ways to find suppliers with low energy rates in PPL Harrisburg.

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Understanding Harrisburg Electricity Rates

As a state with a deregulated energy market, Pennsylvania allows users to choose their energy suppliers. Utilities distribute the energy that suppliers provide. In Harrisburg, the utilities are Met-Ed or PPL, depending on where you are in the city. These utilities will always handle maintenance and distribution, regardless of your supplier, but your supplier affects your electricity rate.

If you aren’t under contract with a supplier, Met-Ed and PPL provide a Price to Compare (PTC). This rate is the average cost of wholesale energy over two years, and it’s a price charged per kilowatt-hour (kWh). The PTC can help you compare supplier rates and find a better provider for your usage.

Your PPL Harrisburg energy rates include a gross receipt tax (GRT). The current GRT is 6.27%. Suppliers often quote without GRT. We recommend comparing rates with and without GRT to ensure you are reviewing an apples to apples comparison. GRT is a tax that all consumers of electric must pay to the state regardless of their sales tax exemption.

When you sign a supplier contract, you’ll agree on a fixed or variable rate. With fixed rates, you pay the same rate every month. If the market is low when you commit, this arrangement can be beneficial. Variable rates fluctuate with the market, so while you may end up paying a high rate one month, your costs could be substantially lower the next.

Your rates are subject to change by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) if they request rate adjustments through a tariff. While these changes don’t occur often, you should be aware of the possibility. With all the factors involved, Pennsylvania energy rates can feel complicated, so please call us at 800-225-3813 if you need assistance understanding these prices.

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Paying the PTC may be simple, but it’s not always cost-effective. At EnergyPricing.com, we give you the resources to compare supplier rates and choose a contract that works for your energy usage.

With our reverse auction process for our commercial clients, we compile a list of suppliers in our network and set up an auction. Providers know that you’re looking for a low rate, so they submit lower and lower bids until the auction closes. When the process is complete, you get to work with our energy advisors to review your contract options and choose a new supplier.

Our instant quotes give residential and small commercial customers a quick list of our current Pennsylvania market rates, so you can handle the comparison on your own. We’ll ask for your zip code and start date, and you can sign an electronic contract as soon as you find your provider.

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