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About Carrollton, TX


Carrollton is located in the heart of the Dallas Ft Worth area extending into Dallas, Denton, and Collin Counties. Its convenient location offers residents and businesses easy access to an extensive labor market, top-rated universities, airports, and tourist attractions.



Agriculture was the only livelihood in Carrollton when it was first settled in 1842 but quickly changed with the construction of the Dallas-Wichita Railroad line in 1878. New commerce was attracted and by 1885 there were flour mills, cotton gins, a school, and several churches supported by only 150 residents. In 1888 a second rail line, The St Louis Southwestern Railway, was added and Carrollton became a shipping port for livestock, cotton, cotton seed, and grain. In 1913 it was officially incorporated.


Population and Demographics

Following World War II the population exploded in Carrollton due to economic growth. In 1950 the population was only 1,610 but grew to 4,242 by 1960 and to 13,855 by 1970. The most rapid growth occurred between 1970 and 1980 when the population increased by 193%. According to their 2020 census, Carrollton has a population of 133,434 making it the 23rd most populated city in Texas. Carrollton is also home to the largest Korean community in Texas and the southern United States.



Carrollton is known as a major center for the telecom business as well as manufacturing. It is the corporate headquarters for many companies including FASTSIGNS Intdernational, Inc, Heely’s Inc, Jokari, and Motel 6, to name a few. Forbes Magazine ranked Carrollton as one of America’s 25 Best Places to Move based on its highly ranked school system, its award-winning sports venues, and excellent housing and transportation system.



Carrollton is designated a humid subtropical region. The highest reported summer temperature was recorded in 1980 when the mercury rose to a boiling 110 degrees. The coldest recorded temperature was in the winter of 1989. The temperature on that day plunged to 1 degree.


Fun Fact

Carrollton is believed to have been named after the hometown of early settlers who arrived in Texas from Carrollton, Illinois. The city was officially established on May 16, 1878, when the first United States post office opened here.

How To Find Cheapest Electricity In Carrollton TX

Finding the best electricity rates in Carrollton and other Dallas-area cities is now easier than ever before! With our online electricity rate shopping website you can shop the cheapest Carrollton electricity rates, browse top electricity suppliers, and even filter search results according to your wants and needs. Here are some tips for finding the lowest electric rates in Carrollton today…


Decide On What You Want

First, decide on the type of electric rate you want. Is the cheapest price your priority? Maybe you are looking for other features such as no cancellation fees or deposits?


Filter and Search

Next, type in your utility or zip code into our search bar and open the cheapest Carrollton electric rates near you! Then set your specific search parameters to your exact wants and needs.


Select and Sign Up!

After you found what you are looking for, simple click to enroll in your new electricity plan. You will be prompted to enter your account details and agree to the supplier's terms.

Different Types of Electricity Rates In Carrollton

Since the inception of energy deregulation in Texas, there have been many electricity suppliers offering low rates in Carrollton. In fact, in the most recent years suppliers have gotten creative by offering different price options, terms, and specials to attract new customers. Here are some of the top electricity rate plans offered in Carrollton today…


Fixed Rate Electric Plans in Carrollton

Fixed-rate electricity plans allow residents and businesses in Carrollton to lock-in electricity unit costs at a certain $/kWh for a contract period term. This provides price certainty and a relatively simple way to budget for energy costs.


Residential & Commercial Plans

Our site also gives Carrollton residents the option to choose between residential electricity rates and commercial electricity rates. Commercial businesses in Carrollton even have the ability to request a custom quote that is tailored to the business's individual usage.


No Deposit Electricity Plans

Some energy providers require customers to put down a deposit when they sign up for an electricity plan. Our site allows you to filter plans that do not require a deposit, so you can sign up with a Carrollton electricity provider on your terms.


100% Green Plans

Are you looking for a green electricity plan in Carrollton? Our site displays rates from some of the leading green energy suppliers in Carrollton, Dallas, and the rest of Texas. Whether you want electricity generated from wind or solar, you can easily sort by 100% renewable plans.

Dallas-Area Electric Utility Company Resources

Texas, like many states in the U.S., has a deregulated energy market. Meaning, the market allows energy users to choose who supplies their electricity. Your energy will rely on two parties — your utility and provider. The local utility is Oncor Electric in Carrollton, and this company handles power line maintenance and electricity distribution in your area. Your provider, often called a Retail Electric Provider (REP), supplies the electricity Oncor distributes.

Here is a map of Oncor’s service territory in Texas along with the major cities it covers. As you can see, both Carrollton, Dallas and Fort Worth are within the Oncor territory:

You have the power to choose your REP, but figuring out who has the best rate can be a challenge. EnergyPricing.com simplifies the process, so you can see available rates and choose the best one for you.

Before you start your search, you should note when your current contract ends to avoid termination fees. You should also consider what type of rate you’re looking for. While fixed rates involve a consistent price throughout your agreement, variable rates rise and fall with the energy market.

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