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About Texas City, TX



Texas City is located in Galveston County. It sits on the southwest shoreline of Galveston Bay and is a deepwater port on the Texas Gulf Coast. It is 47.1 miles southwest of Houston.


Population and Demographics


Falling behind League City and Galveston, Texas City is the third largest city in Galveston County with a population count of 51,898 in the  2020 census.

The demographics are as follows:

  • White 36.27%
  • African American 27.34%
  • Native American 0.3%
  • Asian 1.31%
  • Multi-racial 3.23%
  • Hispanic or Latino 31.05%




Three duck hunters, seeing the potential for Sjoal Point, the land they visited to hunt, formed a syndicate and began enlisting others to donate financially to purchase the land. They eventually were able to gather enough contributions that they purchased 10,000 acres which included Shoal Point and renamed the area Texas City. In 1893 they filed to open a post office to serve then250 residents and began digging a channel to enhance the economy through a shipping facility. In 1894 the channel was used for the first time commercially. In the late 1890s homes began to spring up and further dredging continued to deepen the channel. In 1905 the government opens a customs house which greatly enhanced the economy and increased the population substantially.

The Texas Refinery Company was started in 1908 and was soon joined by other refineries making Texas City a major port supporting deepwater shipping of petroleum products to the Atlantic Coast. Texas City was officially incorporated in 1999. Texas City is notable for being the site of a major disaster in 1947 when a French ship carrying ammonium nitrate fertilizer exploded demolishing the port and a large section of the city. In 2020 SSA Marine Company begins construction of a cargo container shipping terminal known as Texas City International Terminal at Shoal Point. This terminal became capable of liquid trans-loading and storage, dry bulk handling and storage, and lay berth facilities for all vessels. Today it plays an essential role in the growth and sustainability of countries around the world.




Texas City has an advantageous position along routes I-45 and Texas 146 and attracts new businesses and offers investment opportunities. It is known for heavy industrial commerce, particularly in the shipping, petrochemicals, and manufacturing industries. They currently employ more than 4000 workers in the petrochemical field alone. Currently, they are interested in diversifying their economy and are focused on tourism, health care, and other sectors.


Fun Fact


Texas City claims to be the birthplace of the United States Airforce. In 1913 the US Army deployed the first aero squadron in Texas City in response to turbulent conditions resulting from the Mexican revolution.

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Texas New-Mexico Power (TNMP) Is An Electric Utility In Texas 

If you live in TMNP’s service area, EnergyPricing.com can help you find a new, lower rate from your energy supplier. Learn about TMNP and how our process can change the way you pay for your energy. Formerly known as Texas-New Mexico Power Co., TMNP now only serves Texas. Based in Lewisville, this utility provides power to more than 225,000 homes in the state, and it’s been in business since 1935. They have operated under different names throughout the years, serving areas throughout Texas and New Mexico, but New Mexico utilities have since moved to TMNP’s sister company.

TNMP employs over 400 people in over 20 communities throughout the state of Texas. TNMP is proud to deliver reliable electricity to their customers that is purchased through the Texas Electric Choice Program. Below is a map from TNMP energy’s website outlining their service territories in Texas:

The Difference Between TNMP and An Energy Supplier

TNMP is a utility company, meaning they are in charge of sending the electricity they receive from a supplier to the end user. In Texas, the energy market is deregulated, which means you have the power to choose your supplier.

If you’re in TNMP’s service area, they’ll always handle your electric distribution and maintain your power lines. When you have a power outage, or if one of your power lines suffers damage, TNMP and their team will fix the issue. Where you get your electric, however, is up to you, and TNMP  will provide your electricity based on the supplier you choose. Your rate will depend on who supplies your power.

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