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Toledo Edison.

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Toldeo Edison

If you live in Toledo or the surrounding area, Toledo Edison is your energy utility. can help you understand your electrical supply and how you can use our services to lower your Toledo Edison bill.

About Toledo Edison

Toledo Edison is a utility owned by FirstEnergy Corporation, and it’s one of three offered in the state. Serving over 300,000 customers in northwestern Ohio, they use a portion of FirstEnergy’s 24,500 miles of transmission lines and 269,000 miles of power lines.

FirstEnergy Corp. has 10 companies in Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They formed from a merger between Centerior Energy Corporation and the Ohio Edison Company in 1997. They are based in Akron, Ohio, and have maintained an office there ever since.

How Is a Supplier Different From Toledo Edison?

Toledo Edison is a utility, not a supplier. Energy utilities are in charge of power distribution in a set area. They handle powerline maintenance, respond to outages and send you your monthly bill. In contrast, suppliers provide the power that Toledo Edison sends out to the end user.

Your supplier sets the rate you pay on your Toledo Edison bill. Ohio’s deregulated energy market allows suppliers to choose the rate they charge based on the current market. This system drives competition among retail providers and gives you the chance to pick the rate you’ll pay for your power.

Toledo Edison will provide a Price to Compare (PTC) on your bill. This number changes throughout the year. It is best to take the average rate over a 12-month period. If you don’t have a supplier, the PTC is the rate you likely pay. When you start comparing suppliers, you can use this price to see whether a supplier is offering a good rate. If you have any questions about PTC’s in Toledo Edison, please contact our Energy Advisors at 800-225-3813.

Toledo Edison Service Area

Toledo Edison reaches many homes and businesses in the northwest corner of Ohio. Cities and towns in this region include:

Toledo,   Montpelier,  Ottawa Hills,  Edgerton, Woodville,  Defiance, Bowling Green

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Finding a new supplier can feel like a big task. We make it easy to choose one with our reverse auction process. Suppliers compete for your usage and in turn, drive your rate down.

To start the process, our experts will pool together the right list of suppliers in your area. Then, they will submit their rates during a set time. They know you are looking for a low rate, so their bids will drop while you watch in real time.

When the auction ends, we’ll pair you with one of our expert Energy Experts. They’ll help you understand your contract options and find the right one for your usage and goals. When the process is complete, you can feel certain about your new energy rate.

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