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Energy can be complex and tiring. We’ve compiled and indexed the most frequently asked energy questions for your convenience.

About EnergyPricing.com

Depending on the customer size and purchasing strategy, our average mark-up (i.e. Broker Fee) will range between 1-3% of the base supplier rate. We believe the expertise we bring to the purchasing process along with our reverse energy auction technology will result in a reduced supply cost that will far outweigh our fee.

EnergyPricing.com was created by Achieve Energy Solutions, LLC (“AES”) as a tool for your business to easily have access to the best energy plans in their utilities. By utilizing a technology platform, EnergyPricing.com can offer daily pricing based on market conditions as well as energy auctions where pricing is customized specifically to your business’ usage consumption. All at your fingertips.

There are no smoke and mirrors when it comes to discussing how we get paid. From day one we are fully transparent with customers on how much we are paid from the suppliers. In addition to being fully transparent with our broker fee, we run all our customers’ custom energy quotes through a reverse energy auction . We contract large quantities of energy on a regular basis this means we in turn receive discounted rates and pass along those savings to our clients.

Shopping for rates and comparing terms & conditions can at times feel like a daunting task. There are different energy requirements, cancellation fees and different types of suppliers contracts making it even more confusing when comparing rates. With EnergyPricing.com, you can easily compare apples to apples with our energy auctions and know that with our daily pricing you are looking at the all-inclusive fixed-rate option. No surprises.

We work with the nation’s top retail suppliers. We have vetted and been vetted to mutually work with the best. You can feel confident in your energy choices with EnergyPricing.com as your broker.

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