Delmarva Power Company

Delmarva Power Company.

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Delmarva Power Company

Delmarva Power is the main utility that serves Delaware. At, you can find a new supplier to work with their distribution services and potentially lower your rate.

About Delmarva Power

Delmarva Power is an utility owned by the Exelon Corporation. It operates in Delaware and Maryland, serving over 532,000 electric and 136,000 natural gas customers. They started in 1909 and have since grown their service to 5,400 square miles. The Delaware region covers 324,000 customers of the company’s overall base.

Delmarva Power operates with 10 facilities and 199 substations in its service area. The company employs over 1,500 people, and in 2019, it donated over $1.3 million to 230 local organizations.

How Are Utilities Different From Suppliers?

Delmarva Power is a distribution company. They maintain power lines and respond to outages to ensure consumers in their service areas receive the power they pay for. When you have power issues, your utility is your first point of contact.

In Delaware’s deregulated energy market, suppliers make up the other half of your supply. Suppliers provide the power that utilities send to the end user. They also set the rate you pay. Within the market, suppliers compete for business, so the overall price of energy stays low. As a consumer, you get to choose your supplier. By extension, you choose the rate you pay for power.

With the energy market changing daily, staying on top of your contract is important. Delmarva Power provides a Price to Compare (PTC) to make your shopping experience easier. This price can help you know if a supplier has a good offer. The Price to Compare in Delmarva DE changes throughout the year. To keep current with Delmarva’s PTC for residential and small commercial rate classes, either check your recent bill copy or click here to view them online.

Delmarva Electric Service Area

Delmarva Power’s service area in Delaware is mainly in the northern region and reaches other areas of the state. Cities and towns in this spot include:

Wilmington,  Dover,  Armstrong,  Christiana,  Glasgow,  Newark,  Bear,  Middletow,  Laurel, Brookside

To view a list of current market rates in these areas, visit our shopping platform. We’ll request your zip code and start date to give you current rates.

Find A New Supplier With An Energy Auction

Comparing rates may feel like a challenge, but we make the process simple at Our reverse energy auctions compile a list of competitive suppliers in your service area and invite them to bid on your usage.

Suppliers know you want the best rate. During the auction, they will instantly know if they are not the lowest bid and have the opportunity to resubmit an offer. You get to watch these numbers drop in real time. When the bidding period ends, your energy advisor will be there to review and discuss your options. You might walk away with the lowest rate or perhaps the second lowest may have a better contract. Regardless of the route you take, you can feel confident about your choice when you work with Get started today or reach out to learn more.

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