Orange and Rockland (O&R)

Orange And Rockland (O&R).

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Orange and Rockland (O&R)

Orange and Rockland is a New York utility. Within the state’s deregulated market, choosing a new supplier can help you lower your rate. Learn how can help and get a quote today.

About Orange and Rockland Electric

Orange and Rockland Utilities began in 1899 as the Rockland Light & Power Co. It merged with the Orange and Rockland Electric Company in 1958 to take on the name it has today, and in 1999 it joined Consolidated Edison, Inc. along with Con Edison of New York.

The Orange and Rockland electric company operates in six counties in New York and New Jersey, and its service territory covers 1,300 square miles. It has over 308,000 electric and 139,000 natural gas customers. The company employs over 1,100 workers to maintain transmission lines and work with customers.

The Differences Between Orange & Rockland and Suppliers

The Orange and Rockland electric company is a utility, making them responsible for energy distribution in a specific region. Utilities manage power lines and respond to outages. If you live in O&R’s service area, they’re your contact for delivery issues.

Suppliers also known as Energy Supply Companies (ESCOs) provide the energy O&R and other utilities distribute. Your supplier determines your energy supply rate. In New York’s deregulated energy market, ESCO rates are always changing just like the stock market. Your supplier may have offered a low rate a year ago, but there be something better on the market today. Keeping up with the energy market can be valuable for your long term energy goals as a business.

Orange and Rockland provides a price to compare if you don’t pick a supplier. This price to compare changes frequently and can make it hard for customers to easily compare it to market rates. To review recent default supply charges from Orange & Rockland, click here.

Orange and Rockland Service Area

Orange and Rockland power reaches three counties in New York, Orange, Rockland and Sullivan. These counties include a range of cities and towns, including:

West Point, Goshen, Tuxedo, Spring Valley, Haverstraw, West Nyack, Monroe, Washingtonville, Middletown, Pearl River

View our current rates in this service territory. We’ll just need your utility company or zip code and start date to provide accurate information.

Compare Supply Rates With

When it comes to finding a new rate, you can handle the process in a few ways. You might choose to research ESCOs yourself or work with a traditional broker to manage the comparison for you. offers a unique alternative — a custom quote. With this transparent process, you can be sure you’re getting a great rate without spending hours researching the market. Our software creates an easy environment for clients to review pricing from multiple suppliers on the same day at the same time.

We start our auctions by establishing a group of available suppliers in your service area. When it’s time for the auction to start, the suppliers will submit bids in an attempt to win your business.

You can watch the auction as it happens in real time, and when the bidding period closes, you’ll have a list of rates and terms to choose from. We’ll set you up with an energy advisor to explain your options and give you the confidence to pick the best new contract for your needs.

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