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Atlantic City Electric.

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Atlantic City Electric

Atlantic City Electric is an energy utility in New Jersey. Based on your location, you may rely on them to send your energy to your home or business. At, you can find a new supplier with a low rate.

About Atlantic City Electric

Atlantic City Electric (ACE) is a part of the Exelon Corporation that serves about 560,000 customers in southern New Jersey. The company was first formed in 1924 and now delivers electric across its 2,800-square-mile service area. With eight facilities and 90 substations, the ACE is a strong energy provider in the state.

The company employs 560 people and provides funding to local organizations for community growth. In the past five years, ACE has donated over $3.1 million to the community it services.

The Difference Between a Utility and a Supplier

Atlantic City Electric is an energy utility, and if you live or run a business in their service area, they distribute energy to your building. Utilities like Atlantic City Electric are the main contact for energy consumers when an outage occurs or power lines are down. In New Jersey’s deregulated energy market, you have a choice in your energy supplier. These suppliers provide the energy your utility sends to you and set the rate you pay for your energy.

If you haven’t chosen an electric supplier, Atlantic City Electric will provide a Price to Compare (PTC). This price is a helpful baseline when you’re shopping for a new rate. The price to compare in Atlantic City Electric changes throughout the year making it hard to budget your usage. Locking in a fixed rate option gives you a more certain energy cost for your home or business.

Knowing your rate class is important when reviewing price to compare rates within your utility. To see current default rates the utility is charging, click here. Please know that the price to compare rates are subject to change with the utility.

Atlantic City Electric Locations

Atlantic City Electric serves eight counties in southern New Jersey, including Ocean, Burlington, Camden, Atlantic, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland and Cape May. Larger cities in these counties are:

Deerfield, Toms River, Mansfield, Cape May, Cherry Hill, Atlantic City, Monroe, Salem

To compare current market rates in these areas, shop here for a quick comparison.

Customize Your Energy Goals With a Reverse Energy Auction

Whether you pay a default price with the utility or you have not shopped for a supplier in a while, your rate is likely not the best one on the market. You can research rates yourself, or you can turn to With our reverse energy auctions, suppliers submit their best bids in one location at the same time. The process allows customers to have complete transparency into the RFQ process.

We’ll put together a group of suppliers within your service area and set an auction date. From there, suppliers know you’re looking for the best rate, so they’ll bid lower and lower prices until the auction closes. You’ll get to watch the process happen in real time, and by the end of the auction, you’ll have a series of rates to choose from.

Our energy advisors will explain your options and help you find the right supplier for you, whether they have the lowest rate or the best contract. You can get started with a custom quote today or contact our team to learn more.

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