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Potomac Edison

If you live in northern Maryland, Potomac Edison delivers your energy. At EnergyPricing.com, you can find a new supplier and pay a lower rate. Learn more today.


About Potomac Edison Power Company

Potomac Edison is one of 10 companies under FirstEnergy Corp, which serves the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic. The Potomac Edison evolved from Allegheny Energy, an energy utility that merged with FirstEnergy in 2011. Since then, they have grown to over 400,000 people in Maryland and West Virginia.

The energy utility uses a portion of FirstEnergy’s 269,000 miles of power lines to deliver safe and stable energy to homes and businesses in cities and towns in Maryland.


Utilities and Suppliers: What’s the Difference?

In Maryland’s energy market, you count on suppliers and utilities to keep your home or business powered. Because of this, suppliers compete for market share and adjust their rates to the current market. Consumers can commit to a supplier in the service area in order to give them some control over the rate they pay.

Potomac Edison sends the energy that suppliers provide through their power lines. While you can pick your supplier, you cannot pick your utility. So when you have an outage or power line issue, you can contact your utility to resolve to the problem. 

Potomac Edison and other utilities provide a Price to Compare (PTC) on their bills. Their price changes often and because of this, it is hard to budget for your energy costs. When you shop for a supplier, you can use this rate to see which price is best in the market. Typically, utility price to compare rates are a good indicator of the current energy market.



Potomac Edison’s Maryland Service Area

Potomac Edison reaches counties in the northern region of Maryland. Cities and towns in its service area include:

Frederick     Oakland     Cumberland     Hagerstown     Frostburg
Yonkers     Hancock     Lonaconing     McHenry

Shopping for rates in this area can help you budget your electric. Check out our instant pricing portal to review a list of current rates. We’ll just need your zip code and service start date to give you the best options.

Find Competitive Suppliers With Our Auction

Commercial and industrial users rely on larger energy usage to keep their company running. For instance, if you lower your rate, you can save on your energy usage. Our reverse energy auctions can shorten your supplier search and provide you insight into the Request for Proposal process.

First, we will select a list of suppliers unique to you that will bid on your usage. Then, on the day of the auction, you can watch LIVE as they enter their best offers and drive your costs down further than a classic RFP. In the end, you’ll have a list of rates and suppliers to choose from.

Then, your energy expert will help you figure out your options so you can make the right decision for your usage. With our focus on market education and transparency, you can trust you have a great rate. Start the process today or contact us for more info

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