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Eversource New Hampshire

New Hampshire has four utilities that send power to end users, and Eversource is one of them. Learn about this distribution company and why it matters in the deregulated energy market.

About Eversource Electric in New Hampshire

Eversource started as a group of utilities known as Northeast Utilities (NU). When deregulation first started in the late 90s, they slowly sold assets and joined NSTAR, the utility in Greater Boston. By 2017, Eversource became its own utility in the state.

In New Hampshire, Eversource now has 528,000 electric customers. The company handles over 40,000 circuit miles of distribution lines between three states — New Hampshire, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Providers and Utilities: What’s the Difference?

Utilities like Eversource handle distribution. They work in set service areas by maintaining power lines and respond to outages. If you ever see a downed power line or have an outage, your utility is your first point of contact.

In deregulated markets, utilities receive power from suppliers. These providers compete for business and set their rates. Consumers choose providers based on their rates and contract terms. Then utilities ensure every consumer receives their purchased power.

With rates changing daily, consumers often shop for electric to find the lowest rates in the market. Eversource will provide a Price to Compare to help consumers shop for new rates. This price can help customers see if a supplier offers a good price. The price to compare does change. Please check a recent bill to review utility price to compare rates.

Eversource Energy Service Area

Eversource’s New Hampshire service area spans 5,628 square miles and 211 towns. Cities and towns include:

Amherst    Cambridge    Concord

Plymouth    Nashua    Manchester

To view a list of current market rates in Eversource’s service area, visit our instant pricing portal today.

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