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NH Electric Co-op

New Hampshire Electric Co-op is the only cooperative utility in New Hampshire. Learn about how it works in the deregulated energy market and how EnergyPricing.com can help you lower your rate.

About NH Electric Co-op

Unlike corporate-owned utilities, New Hampshire Electric Co-op (NHEC) is a nonprofit owned and run by members of the community it serves. The coop started in 1939 in Plymouth, and it has since grown to 6,000 miles of power lines.

NHEC delivers power to 115 towns and cities, reaching nine of the 10 counties in the state. In total, New Hampshire Electric Co-op serves over 84,000 people.

What’s the Difference Between Utilities and Providers?

Utilities like NHEC are in charge of distribution. They maintain power lines and partner with providers to bring power to homes and businesses. If you have an outage or a downed power line, you can contact your utility to help with the issue.

Providers sell the power that utilities distribute. They set their prices and compete for business in the energy market. Consumers get to choose their suppliers and have some control over the rate they pay. Energy rates change all the time, which means that shopping for new providers can help consumers save.

Choosing a new electric provider can help consumers lower their rates in a deregulated market. Utilities like Liberty will provide a Price to Compare on your electric bill. This rate can help customers decide if a provider offers a good rate. Take a look at your recent electric bill for a quick comparison.

The New Hampshire Electric Co-op Service Area

NHEC serves several communities throughout New Hampshire. Towns and cities in the co-op’s service area include:

Danbury     Andover     Plymouth     Raymond

Ossipee     Conway     Colebrook

Visit our instant quote portal to receive a list of current market rates in this area and sign a contract with a new electricity provider.

Compare NH Co-op Electric Rates at EnergyPricing.com

Shopping for electric can feel challenging, but EnergyPricing.com makes the process simpler. With our reverse energy auctions, we invite providers to bid for your business. Supply companies know you want a low rate, so the bids will get lower and lower over time.

Through our secure auction platform, you can watch companies submit their bids and see your rate options drop. When the auction ends, you can work with one of our energy advisors to understand your options.

Simplified Ways to Switch.

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