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Unitil Electric NH

Unitil is one of four utilities in New Hampshire. At EnergyPricing.com, we make it easy for you to compare rates.

About Unitil Electric in New Hampshire

Unitil Corporation operates in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. In total, they serve over 107,000 electric and 85,000 gas customers. The corporation began in Maine in 1849 and combined with other utilities over the years. In 1901, it grew to New Hampshire.

Utilities vs. Electric Providers

Utilities like Unitil are distribution companies. They work with electric providers to deliver power to homes and businesses in their service areas. The primary duties of utilities include responding to outages and maintaining power lines. If you have an outage or see a downed power line, you can contact your utility for help.

Providers sell the power that utilities distribute. These companies set their rates and compete for business in the state’s deregulated market. Consumers have the freedom to choose their providers based on their preferences, and utilities ensure every customer receives a bill with the correct rate.

Rates change daily, which means that comparing rates can help you keep your bill low. Utilities provide a Price to Compare to make your review easier. This price is an market rate, and it can help you see if an electric company offers a good rate. To see the current price to compare, look at your most recent electric bill.

Unitil Power’s New Hampshire Service Area

Unitil electric in New Hampshire reaches the greater Concord area and the border between New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Towns in this area include:

Atkinson    North Hampton    Dover

East Kingston    Portsmouth

Visit our instant pricing portal to receive a list of current rates in Unitil’s service area. We’ll use your zip code and start date to provide current rates.

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