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Custom pricing is unique to your business. Find out how much you can save with our reverse energy auction.

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View the best instant rate plans in your service area based on an average usage profile and subject to supplier approval.

Easy Price Comparison for Natural Gas and Electricity Suppliers

At EnergyPricing.com, we give you access to a vast network of energy suppliers so you can find the best price. We offer two different types of pricing to meet your needs. Instant rates are based on average rates in your service area. Our custom rates are tailored to your personal usage profile. Regardless of your energy needs, we’ll make the comparison process simple.

What Drives Energy Pricing?


Throughout the U.S., a significant number of states have deregulated energy markets, which means pricing depends on competition. Suppliers compete for business, which means prices end up being lower than in a regulated market.


Prices change according to various factors, including weather, outages, source changes and even changes in law. With these constant changes, predicting the future can be tricky. Unfortunately, even in a deregulated energy market with generally lower prices, how do you know you are receiving the best rate for your home or business?


To get the lowest supply rate, you need to compare energy prices across the board. First, you could do this yourself by reaching out to multiple suppliers and then compare rates on your own. However, keeping track of market changes, various contract language and knowing if you’re truly comparing apples to apples can be overwhelming and time consuming. That is where we can help by saving you time and money taking care of all of those things for you as your Energy Advisor!

Get Started With Our Quote Options


We offer two different energy quote options to help you get started. Our Instant Quote tool gives you a fixed rate based on the average usage profile in your service area. This method is a great option for small businesses and other commercial companies that need a quick rate and can easily compare pricing.


Our Custom Quotes are run through a Reverse Energy Auction allowing you insight into the supplier bidding process. This method finds you the lowest rate specific to your energy use and load profile, which is ideal for commercial companies looking to maximize their savings on their overall energy spend.


You can easily compare energy suppliers’ prices and identify the best one for your needs. Our expert Energy Advisors can guide you through this comparison to help you find the supplier that best meets your business’ needs.

Watch LIVE as Supplier’s compete to win your business.

With a Reverse Auction, suppliers can now bid in real-time and see where their competitors pricing is at. This drives the price down for the customer with additional savings compared to a traditional RFP. You will have a client login so that you can watch them compete for your business live.

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With a Reverse Energy Auction you will be right at the forefront of the supplier bidding.

Reverse Auctions work in your best interest as a commercial energy user because Suppliers are bidding against one another in a setting where they can see if they are winning or losing the opportunity.

Additionally, our cutting edge technology provides you with the transparency you want to have when it comes to making decisions regarding your overall budgets and energy objectives.

We will work with you in every step of the process.

Pre-Auction, we will prepare the RFQ based on your usage profile and risk tolerance. Then, we will analyze market data to ensure the right suppliers are participating in your Auction.

During the Auction, there is total transparency. A scheduled block of time is established and you will be provided a login to watch it all take place. The auction is typically 5 business days from the date of the initial RFQ. Suppliers will know if they are not the lowest with their pricing and have the option to sharpen their pencil and out-bid their competitors.

Post-Auction, you will have the contract in your hands to execute the same day. Once the auction is over, you will be able to select a winner and sign the contract locking in the best price. Continuing support is provided by your dedicated Energy Advisor throughout the life of the contract. If any questions may come up, we’re available to answer.

Residential & Small Business Rates 

If your home or your business uses under 250,000 kWh’s per year, it is easy to shop our online portal to compare suppliers in your area. Rates are based on today’s current market conditions.

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Schedule A Reverse Energy Auction

Larger commercial clients need a tailored approach to their energy purchasing. Our reverse auctions drive rates down further than traditional RFP’s. 

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