Clearview Energy.

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Clearview Energy

Clearview Energy is a retail energy supplier based in Dallas, Texas. Clearview Energy was created to provide world-class customer service while investing in Green living.

Clearview Energy's Focus

Clearview Energy is committed to providing clean, affordable energy to its customers by reducing global warming and its effects on future generations. Their efforts are to educate customers on the negative effects of fossil fuel-generated power and encourage them to move to energy generated by wind, hydro, and solar.

Negative Effects of Traditional Power Generation

The amount of electricity used by individuals accounts for one-quarter of their carbon footprint. Another quarter of their carbon footprint is accredited to transportation and the products they purchase. Clearview Energy is committed to reducing carbon emissions that result in global warming and to eliminating poisonous substances that are finding their way into our food supply.

Who Clearview Energy Supports

Clearview Energy invests in educating the public on the hazards of fossil fuel-generated energy. They contribute to trade schools that educate students on renewable energy practices such as installing solar panels. They are also involved in Arizona State University’s carbon machine which is a machine that acts like a mechanical tree. Its purpose is to remove CO2 from the air creating a healthier environment. Most of Clearview’s power is produced by wind turbines so it is only natural they are supporters of the University Of Massachusetts off-shore wind farm. This farm provides research, education, and training for those in wind energy production.

Areas Services by Clearview

Clearview Energy serves the deregulated sectors of Washington DC, Texas, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Maine, Illinois, Delaware, and Massachusetts.

Plans and Programs

Clearview Energy offers residential and commercial customers fixed-rate plans, month-to-month plans, pre-and post-paid plans, and electricity sourced from renewable sources. Additionally, they offer customers the Clearview Energy Rewards Program where customers sign up and receive free rewards dollars each month. These dollars can be redeemed at local restaurants, online shopping, movie theaters, and more. There is also a daily gift card giveaway and bonuses offered for grocery store savings. Clearview Energy also sponsors a referral program where customers are rewarded monetarily for referring friends and family. 

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