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Oncor Electric

Oncor is a utility based in Texas, and if you live in their service area, they’re in charge of your power distribution. When you use EnergyPricing.com to find a low supplier rate, you’ll still have your distributor costs on your bill. Take a look at Oncor and how they differ from a supplier.

About Oncor Electric in Texas

Oncor is the largest electric delivery company in Texas. They’ve operated in the state since 1912, and they distribute power with over 100,000 miles of overhead wires and underground cables. With their vast network, they serve over 10 million Texans across 98 counties and over 400 communities.

The Difference Between your Utility and an Electric Supplier

Oncor is a utility company, meaning they’re in charge of sending the electricity they receive from a supplier to the end user. In Texas, the energy market is deregulated, which means you have the power to choose your supplier.

If you’re in Oncor’s service area, they’ll always handle your electric distribution and maintain your power lines. When you have a power outage, or if one of your power lines suffers damage, Oncor and their team will fix the issue. Where you get your electric, however, is up to you, and Oncor will provide your electricity based on the supplier you choose. Your rate will depend on who supplies your power.

Texas Areas Oncor Serves

Oncor electric serves the central northern and western regions of Texas. Their large network of overhead electric wires and underground cables covers both small towns and large urban centers in the state. The counties they serve include notable cities such as:

Arlington     Dallas     Fort Worth    Wichita Falls     Sherman

Tyler     Waco     Temple     Round Rock     Midland     Odessa

If you wat to learn more about our rates for Oncor service areas, take a look at our current offers.

Find the Right Supplier for You at EnergyPricing.com

At EnergyPricing.com, we help you find a supplier that meets your energy goals. Navigating a deregulated market can easily feel like a challenge. With a lot of different options, it can be tough to know just where to start to ensure you’re getting the best rate for your business. Our reverse auction process is fully transparent so you can watch as suppliers bid on your utility accounts.

With our cutting-edge technology, we set up an auction request and send it out to the nation’s top energy suppliers in your service area. The suppliers then compete live for your business, driving the price down. At the end of the auction, you choose the supplier with the right price and contract language. Our team provides complete transparency during the bidding process, and they’ll be right beside you throughout the entire auction. When you work with EnergyPricing.com, you can trust you’re getting an exceptional rate.


Start Your Reverse Auction With EnergyPricing.com

At EnergyPricing.com, our transparent auction process and dedicated energy advisors make it possible to get your ideal rate. Whether you’re powering your home or a large business, we offer an easy solution that delivers excellent results. Request a quote today or contact our team for more information.

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