TMNP Energy.

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TMNP Energy

If you live in TMNP’s service area, EnergyPricing.com can help you find a new, lower rate from your energy supplier. Learn about TMNP and how our process can change the way you pay for your energy.

About TMNP

Formerly known as Texas-New Mexico Power Co., TMNP now only serves Texas. Based in Lewisville, this utility provides power to more than 225,000 homes in the state, and it’s been in business since 1935. They have operated under different names throughout the years, serving areas throughout Texas and New Mexico, but New Mexico utilities have since moved to TMNP’s sister company.

What’s the Difference Between a Utility and a Supplier?

TMNP is a utility company in Texas, and they’re in charge of distributing electricity to Texas residents and businesses in their service area. Suppliers are the companies that provide the electricity for distribution to customers. Texas operates on a deregulated energy market, allowing users to choose who supplies their energy through their utility company.

Because TMNP is responsible for getting electricity to your building, they’ll handle all the maintenance, like fixing power lines and recovering from outages. The company that serves as your supplier or Retail Electric Provider (REP) is up to you, and the supplier you choose will affect the rate you pay.

TMNP Service Area

TMNP serves several small regions in north-central and West Texas, as well as an area along the Gulf coast. Notable cities in these areas include:

Pecos     Hamilton     Whitney     Dickinson

West Columbia     Fort Stockton     Lewisville     Texas City

Take a look at our current rates in the TMNP service area to see what offers are best for you.

Suppliers Compete for Your Business at EnergyPricing.com

While deregulated energy markets give you the freedom to choose your supplier, it may be challenging to find the provider with the best rate. At EnergyPricing.com, we make it possible to see your options and choose a contract that works for you. Our reverse auction process makes suppliers compete for your business, ultimately getting you a low rate.

The process starts with our team submitting an RFQ for your energy procurement from our extensive supplier network. When the reverse auction begins, the participating suppliers will bid lower and lower rates in an attempt to win your business. At the end of the auction, you’ll have a range of rates to choose from. The best part? The auction happens in real time, allowing you to watch your potential rates drop.

You’ll work with a dedicated energy adviser to find the right supplier for your needs. You may end up with the lowest bid or opt for the second-lowest because that supplier offers a better contract for your usage. Our advisors help you navigate the contract process so you feel comfortable with the final decision and excited about your new rate.

Get Started With EnergyPricing.com Today

If you live in TMNP’s service area, EnergyPricing.com can set you up with a reverse energy auction. With our complete transparency and contract support, you can feel good about your new supplier. Whether you’re a business owner or a Texas resident, we have you covered. Request a quote today get in touch with our team to learn more.

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