Baltimore Gas and Electric.

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Baltimore Gas and Electric

Baltimore Gas and Electric (BG&E) delivers energy to thousands of customers in its area. At, we can help you find a new supplier to work with BG&E so you can reduce your rate and save on your next bill.

About Baltimore Gas and Electric Company

Baltimore Gas and Electric is the largest natural gas and electric utility in Maryland. They started over 200 years ago in 1816 and has since become a part of the Exelon Corporation. BG&E operates across over 2,300 square miles with 1.3 million electric customers and 680,000 gas customers. With over 3,200 employees, BG&E operates across 26,600 miles of power lines and has 244 substations for delivering energy.

The Difference Between Utilities and Suppliers

Maryland has a deregulated energy market that means there are two different groups in your energy supply — utilities and suppliers. Utilities, like BG&E, deliver the power to you and also maintain power lines and respond to outages. They take the power from the suppliers and get it to your home or business, and they operate in a set service area.

In a deregulated market, energy supply costs are set by the supplier. As a consumer, you get to choose the supplier your utility works with, affecting the rate you pay. With energy rates changing all the time, signing up with a new supplier rate can help you stay on top of your budget.

Utilities in the state provide a Price to Compare (PTC) on energy bills. To view current price to compare rates with BG&E, click here.

BG&E Electric Company Service Territory

BG&E gas and electric reach all or part of 10 Maryland counties. These areas include several cities and towns, including:


Ellicott City








Glen Burnie

Use our instant quote portal to receive a list of current market rates in the BG&E service territory. All we need from you is your zip code and service start date.

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If you’re a large commercial or industrial energy user, your energy bill likely makes up a big part of your expenses. Reducing your rate is crucial to helping you save in the long term. At, our reverse energy auctions can help drive your rate down.

Our team will identify a list of suppliers in your area based on your criteria, and they’ll submit their bids. Suppliers know you want a low rate, so your pricing options will drop as the bidding process continues. You can even watch the bids come in in real time.

After the auction closes, you’ll work with one of our energy experts to help you review your options. Our focus on transparency and education ensures you feel confident about your decision. Get started with a reverse auction today or contact us to learn more.

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