Central Hudson.

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Central Hudson

Central Hudson is a utility company that serves thousands of New York customers every year. If you’re a Central Hudson electric customer, you may not pay the lowest rate on the market. EnergyPricing.com helps you find a new supplier to lower your Central Hudson bill.

About Central Hudson Electric

Central Hudson is an electricity utility that serves New York’s mid-Hudson River Valley. They serve over 300,000 electric customers. They own 580 pole miles of transmission lines and 7,200 pole miles of overhead power lines over a 2,600 square-mile area.

Central Hudson’s early history starts in 1900 when its founders purchased two energy companies in the state. Over the next 100 years, the company merged with more energy utilities in the state. By the year 2000, all entities were under CH Energy Group, Inc. In 2013, Central Hudson joined Fortis Inc., allowing the company to make better infrastructure changes with nearly $50 million in financial benefits.

What is the rate to compare in Central Hudson?

Central Hudson provides customers with a market price by default for customers that have not switched to a third party supplier. This rate is a variable and changes monthly with the utility. Central Hudson does not profit from the supply charges that are given to default customers. To review current Central Hudson electric rates, click here.

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The Difference Between a Utility and an ESCO

Central Hudson is a utility. This type of company sends energy to a distinct region. If you live in Central Hudson’s service area, they’ll maintain your power lines, respond to outages and send you a bill every month. Your supplier, or Energy Supply Company (ESCO), provides the energy that Central Hudson distributes.

Since New York has a deregulated energy market, you can choose your supplier. They determine your rate, so committing to a new one can help you reduce your average bill. If you don’t pick a supplier, Central Hudson will provide a price to compare or a market rate for energy. You can use this number to compare ESCO rates and find a reasonable price. In any case, this rate can be found on your recent electric bill to compare against.

Central Hudson Service Territory

The Central Hudson power service area is split into four regions — the Catskill division, Poughkeepsie, Kingston and Fishkill. These regions offer electric to some or all towns in their area. Some cities and towns in these areas include:





New Paltz





If you want a quick snapshot of rates available in your area, view current market rates here.

Reduce Your Central Hudson Bill With EnergyPricing.com

If you run a large commercial business, your energy makes up a large portion of your expenses. Finding a new ESCO with a lower rate can help you save, and EnergyPricing.com provides an easy way to compare electric rates.

Our reverse energy auctions provide a competitive environment for suppliers to submit their best bids for your business. We’ll setup an auction group within our supplier network and schedule a date and time for the auction. The ESCOs will submit low bids hoping to win your business, and when the auction closes, you’ll have a list of supplier rates and terms to choose from.

We’ll pair you with one of our energy advisors to help you pick the right ESCO for your usage. Whether you choose the lowest rate or the best contract, you’ll feel confident about your decision.

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