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PSEG New Jersey is one of three entities under the Public Service Corporation. The company started in Newark, New Jersey, in 1903 and grew to service New York as it developed. PSEG is New Jersey’s largest energy provider, and it serves over 2.3 million electric customers. It’s also the state’s oldest publicly owned utility.

The corporation employs over 12,000 workers and earned a rank of 317 on the Fortune 500 list for 2020.

Utilities and Suppliers: How Are They Different?

There are two groups involved in New Jersey’s energy market — utilities and suppliers. Utilities like PSEG NJ transmit and distribute energy to homes and businesses in their service areas. If you’re in PSEG, you can call them for help during outages and downed power lines.

Suppliers provide the energy to utilities, and they set the rate you pay. If you do not choose an energy supply company, PSEG will provide a default supply rate. In PSEG, the default rate is a variable that changes often. This makes it hard for customers to budget their energy costs. There are plenty of options available from third party suppliers that can help you plan your energy costs for the long term instead of staying on an inconsistent rate with the utility.

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PSEG Electric NJ Service Area

The utility divides its service territory into four areas — Central, Southern, Palisades and Metropolitan. These regions cover 10 counties in the state, including:




Jersey City







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The energy market is constantly changing. Even if you had a low rate at one point, it might not be the lowest available today. uses reverse energy auctions for commercial customers looking to research suppliers and find a new rate.

We handle the planning for our reverse auctions, and you can sit back and watch suppliers submit their pricing for your business. Suppliers know you’re looking for a low rate. The auction environment allows them to know if they are the lowest or not. They’ll be able to submit lower and lower bids until the auction closes.

At the end of the process, you’ll have a list of suppliers and their rates to choose from. You’ll work with your energy advisor at to understand your options and make a decision with confidence.

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