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Gaithersburg Electric in Maryland

Gaithersburg, Maryland, is among the most populated cities in the state. Thousands of people count on suppliers and utilities to provide reliable energy to their businesses and homes. If you’re an energy consumer in Maryland, you can find a new supplier with a low rate and save on your next bill. can help. Learn more about your electrical supply in Gaithersburg and how you can use our services to shop for a supplier.

Learn About Electric Rates in Gaithersburg, Maryland

In Maryland, the deregulated energy market creates competition among suppliers. Supply companies set their rates to win business, and consumers choose their suppliers based on preference. Utilities then distribute the energy to their designated service area. While suppliers affect the rate you pay, utilities handle power line maintenance and outage response. Your utility is also set based on your location.

BGE and Pepco are the utilities in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and they provide a Price to Compare, also known as Standard Offer Service (SOS) pricing information. This cost changes monthly with the utility companies. The energy market fluctuates daily and shopping for a new electric rate may feel overwhelming. With the utility rates changing frequently, it is better for most customers to lock in a fixed rate agreement with a third party supplier instead of staying with the utility.

When you commit to a new supplier, you’ll have the option to choose a fixed or variable rate based on their product offerings. A fixed rate will stay constant for a set period, while variable rates typically come with a monthly service fee and can fluctuate from month to month. 

Navigating your electric supply options in Gaithersburg, Maryland, may feel challenging. If you still have questions about how the system works, talk to one of our energy advisors at 800-225-3813.

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Shopping for a new supplier can feel like a significant task when you handle it on your own. Calling a list of suppliers may not give you the complete comparison you’re looking for. Using a traditional broker puts you at their discretion for accurately disclosing suppliers offers. At, our reverse energy auctions can help you drive your rate down with a complete transparent approach so you can feel confident in your next energy agreement.

We’ll identify a group of suppliers available in your area, and invite them to bid on your energy consumption. You can login and watch LIVE as they bid in our platform the day of the auction. When the auction closes, you can choose your new supplier from a list of rates.

You’ll work closely with your energy expert to discuss your contract options and available terms. We’ll help you identify the best company for your usage based on your energy strategy we previously discussed.

If you want to gauge the market, our current rates are a quick and easy way to shop. While our reverse auctions are valuable to large commercial and industrial consumers, our instant quotes help residents and small business owners sign a new contract within a few minutes.

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