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Residential Electricity Rates

As a customer in a deregulated state, you have the option to purchase low-cost electricity supply for your home from a competitive supplier other than the local utility company. Our platform helps you sort electricity suppliers, rate offers, contract terms, and more with the simple click of the mouse! Ready to start saving today? 

Commercial Electricity Rates

If your business is located in a deregulated state, you can control your utility budget and reduce energy costs by purchasing electricity from an alternative provider. Many of the nation’s leading electricity suppliers can offer competitive rates that will save your business money. Ready to find the electric offer that’s right for you?

Customer Testimonials is rated 4.9 stars by clients served.

Marilyn Manuele
Demo 6
Professional and courteous, no hold time. Spoke with the same associate every time I called.
Sharon Bromley
Demo 5
Professional , service rep through and competent , answered all questions ,provided need docs..would use again
Fletcher Swanson
Demo 4
Easy to review and to select a power contract. Recommended.
herminio mercado
Demo 3
I'm very pleased with the way i was talking care of and the way that it explains to me the contract terms, thank you so much,
Robert Coble
Demo 1
Signing up was easy.
Michael Lebrun
Signing up was easy.
Easy to deal with, friendly customer service, great price choices.

Energy Pricing Made Simple


At, we enable our customers to make smarter decisions about energy pricing, electricity rates, and natural gas rates. We understand that your energy bill is something that you simply pay each month, no matter the amount. Let’s face it, you need to keep your lights on! But, in many states throughout the U.S. consumers and businesses alike have the opportunity to search for lower-cost energy from an electricity or natural gas supplier. In fact, in some utilities, consumers can save up to 30% on their utility bills by choosing an alternative energy supplier with lower pricing.

Traditionally, customers in deregulated states had to do all of the legwork on their own to find the lowest electricity rates or natural gas prices in their utility. Yes, some states offer shopping websites where suppliers can post energy pricing information; however, many times those rates are padded with large mark-ups and commissions for the energy company. Not to mention, managing the expiration of your fixed-rate energy contract can also be challenging. If you forget to sign up for a new rate or go back to your utility for default energy supply, your energy rates could skyrocket leaving you with a high utility bill.



Changing The Way You Shop For Energy

Enter It has been our mission since we first started our business in 2011 to provide consumers with an easy way to shop for and manage the lowest energy rates. Our proprietary online energy shopping website allows you to sort energy supplier pricing from the nation’s most competitive providers, compare terms and offers, and even enroll directly with a supplier online! And let’s not forget to mention that we will continually remind you about your fixed-rate contract expiration date so that you can shop for a new price when it’s time! With customers enjoy energy bill savings without the hassle of having to navigate energy prices by themselves.

Do you own or manage a business? We offer commercial energy pricing too! In fact, many times businesses can benefit from getting custom electricity or natural gas quote from an energy supplier. The challenge has been working through a traditional energy broker to do so. Traditional energy brokers have the leeway to mark up energy supplier rates with large commissions that tend to drive up prices for business. At, we offer commercial energy pricing from the nation’s leading energy suppliers without the heavy mark-ups from traditional brokers. In fact, our business customers have saved up to 30% on their energy rates and costs by shopping for a competitively priced energy supplier on our website.

We offer electricity rates and plans from the nation's leading retail energy suppliers. We are licensed to sell electricity and natural gas in many deregulated states and are currently offering rate plans in many states. Choose your state below to start shopping for the top electricity rate offers for your home or business:

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