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Germantown, MD Electric

Just under 100,000 residents make up the town of Germantown, Maryland. Electric rates in Germantown, Maryland, vary from supplier to supplier. Committing to a new supply company can help you save on your monthly bill. is here to help. Learn about our reverse auction process and how we can help you compare market rates.

City of Germantown Utilities and How They Work

Energy consumers in Maryland live in a deregulated energy market. In this market type, your electric supply relies on two groups — utilities and suppliers. A utility is an energy distribution company that serves a specified area. In Germantown, your utility is Pepco, and they handle outages and power line maintenance in your city.

Suppliers are up to consumer choice. The deregulated market creates competition among these companies, so they set their rates accordingly to try to win business. With the market constantly changing, finding a new supplier can help you lower your simplifies the supplier selection process.

Before you commit to a new supply company, find out when your current service ends to sidestep termination fees. You’ll also need to know what rate type you want. Variable rates change monthly, and fixed rates remain the same throughout your contract.

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Find a New Germantown, Maryland, Electric Company

Running a large company or industrial operation requires a lot of energy. Finding a low rate can make a huge difference in what you spend on electricity every month, helping you save money in the long run. At, our reverse energy auctions make it easy to find a new supplier.

Our team creates a group of suppliers who bid against each other to win your business. Supply companies know you’re looking for a low rate, so they’ll drop their bids as the auction progresses. To start your auction, we’ll need:

  • Your business and contact info.
  • A service start date.
  • Your preferred rate type.
  • A recent energy bill or list of accounts.

You can watch supply companies place their bids in real time on the day of your auction. When the bidding period closes, we’ll pair you with one of our energy advisors to help you understand your options. Whether you choose the lowest rate or the ideal contract, an informed decision is key.

Compare Electric Rates in Germantown, Maryland

If you’re a Germantown resident or small business owner, a quick glance at rates in your area is typically the best way to go. Reducing your rate can help you save on your bill. Our instant rate quoting makes it easy to compare supply companies and find a new rate.

When you use our shopping platform, you can filter rates by utility and service start date to give you accurate information. You can enroll easily on our site.

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