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How Do Energy Brokers Make Money?

Transparency into the retail energy market is vital for consumers. Understand how brokers make money in the energy industry before you sign your next agreement with one.Understanding Electricity...

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How to Save Money on Electricity

Now, more than ever, people are looking at areas of their budget to cut costs. While some aspects of your budget may be out of control, there are some simple tricks to utilize when saving money on...

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What Is A Reverse Energy Auction?

Standard auctions are a popular way to give objects and services value, but what is a reverse auction? At EnergyPricing.com, we use reverse auctions to help our clients save money. Look at our key...

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What Is Energy Procurement?

EnergyPricing.com is one of the leading energy procurement consulting companies in the nation. What Is Energy Procurement?Energy procurement is a buyer's means of finding a retail energy provider...

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What Is The Best Electricity Plan?

Shopping for electricity can seem overwhelming at times. There are several different products (ie. Fixed, variable, index, etc.) out on the market and a variety of factors that effect the price per...

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