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Shopping for a new energy supplier can help lower your energy spend. We can help you identify the best commercial electric rates for your business. 

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Why is Deregulation Important?


When you operate a business, electricity and natural gas are essential. The right provider is key to maximizing your savings. Focus on your core business and let us help you navigate the energy market.

The energy market is deregulated in several states. If your business is in a deregulated market then you can choose who you receive your energy from. Meaning, you can lock in a fixed rate solution. Most importantly, if you have not shopped for a supplier, your energy prices are always changing. This makes it difficult to budget appropriately. Your company may be unprepared for a spike in expenses. Shopping for a retail energy supplier can help alleviate those spikes from occurring.

Through EnergyPricing.com, we will help you identify the best commercial electricity rates for your business. Our goal is to ensure you have a consistent rate, regardless of the market. You can stay on top of your energy costs, manage your budget and focus on other aspects of your business.

The Deregulation Process



Electricity is generated through various methods (i.e. oil, wind, solar, etc.). Then, it is sold on the open deregulated energy market to retail energy providers (also known as Suppliers).


Energy Providers purchase blocks of energy from the deregulated market to service clients just like you. An agreement between you and the supplier is signed for your supply portion of the electricity bill.


Next, your purchased energy is distributed through your local utility’s power lines to your business. You continue to pay your utility company to distribute electricity regardless of if you use a third party supplier or their price to compare.

Your Business

You receive the energy you purchased through a supplier. Your service remains uninterrupted and you continue to utilize your local utility company and their equipment. The supply charges reflect your new supplier agreement.

Switch Business Energy Suppliers

Utilize our Reverse Energy Auction to easily compare commercial electricity rates and ensure you’re getting the best agreement for your business.

You can have business electricity suppliers or natural gas suppliers compete for your energy consumption. This type of competition drives down energy prices even further than a traditional RFP. Additionally, it allows you to compare commercial gas suppliers and commercial electric suppliers in one location. Ensure you’ve identified the lowest rate for your company through our Reverse Auction.

Previously, you would reach out to a handful of suppliers yourself or work with a traditional broker. However, in both cases, you’ll likely end up with four or five companies competing for your business. This process won’t necessarily get you the lowest possible rate. Traditional brokers are more concerned about their commission and want to maximize their margins more than they want to maximize your savings.

Unlike traditional brokers, at EnergyPricing.com we provide total transparency into the energy market. We connect you to a network. With over 40 commercial electricity suppliers and natural gas suppliers available, we will identify those available in your service area tailored to your usage. Through our Reverse Energy Auction all available suppliers will be competing for your business. Feel confident knowing you can easily see who is competing, and which suppliers have the best offer.

How the Process Works

Whether you are looking for a quick shopping experience based on current market conditions or are wanting a more tailored solution specific to your business’ consumption, we can help you.

Gain insight into the current market conditions with our Instant Rates. Our available Instant Rates will provide you an easy and quick option to lock in a supply rate for your business.

Do you have a little more time (5-7 business days to be exact) to research and tailor a rate specific to your load profile and usage?


Take Advantage of Supplier Competition

When you sign up with us, you simply provide a recent bill from your current supplier, request a fixed or index rate, and give a deadline to receive supplier bids.

We then distribute your RFQ to our extensive supplier network, and they start bidding for your business. Competition drives down the price further than a traditional RFP. The suppliers are now competing in a platform where they quickly know if they are not winning and can adjust their rates. No matter which rate you choose, our margin is the same low rate included in your new supply agreement. You receive complete transparency with our reverse energy auction process, so you know you’re getting the best price.

Once the bidding window closes, your dedicated Energy Advisor will guide you through the best options based on your business’ risk tolerance.

After choosing your new business energy supplier, we’ll check in around 45 days after the service starts to make sure everything transitioned smoothly. Additionally, as we get closer to the end of the agreement, you’ll receive renewal reminders. We want to start analyzing the energy market and develop a strategic plan for your upcoming renewal. By all means, throughout the life of the agreement, you will have a dedicated Advisor beside you to answer and questions or concerns.

Simplified Ways to Switch.

No matter how you choose to switch, we’ve got options.

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Easily enroll your electric or gas online with our portal.

Chat with Our Experts

Our energy advisors are ready to discuss your options, 800-225-3813.

Schedule Your Auction

Watch LIVE as suppliers bid on your energy with our reverse auctions.

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