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Bridgeport Energy in Connecticut

In the historic seaside town of Bridgeport, energy consumers have the freedom to choose their provider. At, we make sure you understand the deregulated market and help you compare providers to find a low rate.

All About Bridgeport, Connecticut, Power

In Connecticut’s deregulated energy market, energy providers compete for business. They set their rates, and energy consumers in Bridgeport can choose who provides their power based on personal preference. With this market type, consumers have some control over the price they pay — and data shows rates can stay lower than they would in a regulated market.

When you choose a provider, it will send your energy to your utility for distribution. Utilities operate in a set service area and are in charge of fixing an outage and must maintain the power lines. Your Bridgeport electric company is the United Illuminating Company. You can contact this company directly if you have any distribution concerns.

With the market changing daily, a rate that’s low this month may not be by next month. Shopping for electric suppliers can help you find a new rate and save on your next Bridgeport utilities bill. Before you begin your search, make sure you know when your current contract ends so you can start your new service without early cancellation fees.

When you sign a new contract, you’ll commit to a fixed rate or variable rate. Fixed rates are set prices for a set period, while variable rates change from month to month based on the energy market.

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Shopping for electric on your own can be hard and take a lot of time. At, we simplify the process with our reverse energy auctions. We will tailor your shopping experience to your business with our comprehensive approach.

With our energy auctions, Suppliers know you want a low rate, so you can watch the bids drop over time. When the auction is over, you and your energy expert will review your contract options and find the best provider for you.

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Our reverse auctions are an excellent tool for large commercial and industrial consumers. If you’re a Bridgeport resident or small business owner, check out our current rates in your area. Make the comparison easily and enroll online.

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