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Electric in Stamford, Connecticut

Stamford is home to thousands of residents and business owners who rely on power to live and work. In the state’s deregulated market, these consumers have the power to choose their supplier. makes it easy to compare offers and sign up for a new rate.

All About Energy in Stamford

In Connecticut’s deregulated energy market, consumers can shop for their energy. Suppliers set their rates, and you can compare and select a new supplier based on their offers. This market type prevents monopolies while keeping the overall price of energy down compared to a regulated market.

The supplier you commit to will send energy to your utility for distribution. Utilities operate in set service areas, which means consumers do not get to choose them. In Stamford, Eversource is your utility. They are responsible for maintaining power lines and handling outages. You can contact this company directly when these issues arise.

Energy market rates fluctuate regularly, so a low market this month may not be the same next month. Comparing suppliers can help you pay a low price even as rates change. When you sign up with a new supplier, you’ll be agreeing to a fixed or variable contract. While fixed agreements have a constant price for a set period, variable rates will change every month based on the market.

When you sign your new contract, make sure your service starts after your existing agreement to avoid any potential cancellation fees.

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At, we offer plenty of resources to help you compare supplier rates. Our reverse energy auctions invite suppliers to bid for your business. These types of auctions are ideal for larger commercial and industrial consumers of energy. To get started, we’ll identify a group of suppliers that meet your criteria to participate in the auction, and they’ll bid lower and lower rates to win you over.

Our secure auction platform allows you to watch the process in real time. When the bidding is over, you’ll have a list of supplier contracts to choose from. Your energy advisor will be there alongside you to help you choose a reasonable rate and terms for your usage.

View Current Electric Rates in Stamford

Our current rates can easily be found online and are a helpful alternative service for Stamford residents and small business owners consuming less than 250,000 kWh’s per year. We’ll just need your zip code and preferred start date to generate a list of market rates in your area. You can compare rates on your own and enroll right from our site.

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