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Electricity Delaware Electric Deregulation

Delaware has operated under a deregulated energy market since 1999. The changing of the state’s electricity industry led to competitive market. Investor-owned utility companies now would be required to distribute the energy that was generated by retail electric providers. Consumers still will have a default rate with the utility for their supply costs in the meantime before they switch.

The deregulated market has reduced the overall price of energy by driving competition. You benefit as a consumer because you have some control over the rate you pay. The market is always changing, and if you review your contract and enroll with a new supplier, you can likely lock in a low rate.

Utilities in Delaware

Delmarva Power: (800) 375-7117

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Residential & Small Commercial Rates in Delaware

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Types of Electricity Plans in Delaware

In Delaware, there are multiple products on the market as an alternative to the default charges with your utility. Easily understand the basics of each product and let us tailor a plan unique to your needs.


Fixed-Rate Plan

With this option you are charged the same consistent rate for the length of the agreement. Fixed-rates are budget friendly options because they do not change. The price you sign up for will be applied on your monthly bill per your kilowatt-hour charges on the supply portion.


Variable-Rate Plan

These rates will adjust with the market and typically include a monthly fee to manage them. It rare instances does this make sense. For our small commercial and residential clients, we recommend looking for a fixed rate product.

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Before You Start

When you’re ready to start shopping for suppliers, there are a few factors you should consider:

Contract Terms

Make sure to take a look at your existing agreement to find out how much you’re paying and when your service term ends. When you are shopping for your next supplier, you will want to start service after your current contract ends. Otherwise, you may need to pay an early termination fee.

Length of Contract

Terms can vary from 30 days to 5 or even 7 years for large commercial agreements depending on supplier risk. How long should you sign a contract for? Understanding your company’s efficiency and growth goals are important to determine a comfortable contract length.

Introductory Rates

When renewing with your current supplier, it is likely that you will be ineligible for any of their advertised rates. Often, suppliers provide ‘intro’ rates to customers initially. Just because the rate is advertised online doesn’t necessarily mean you are eligible. We can help review your options.

Familiar Energy Industry Terms

Energy may not be something you handle on the daily. That’s why we want to review the basics with you and ensure you have the groundwork to make shopping easier.


Your supplier is the one that purchases electric for you at the wholesale market and sells it to you at the agreed upon rate. They take on the risk when buying the energy in bulk.


Utilities are distributors of energy. They take the power from the substation and deliver it to your home or business. The costs of distribution is set by your utility and cannot be shopped for.

Consolidated Billing

There are times where you can choose how you would prefer to be billed; one bill or two different bills. A consolidated bill is more common. It includes costs from both the utility and the supplier, and comes from your utility. A dual bill splits them up, and you’ll get a separate bill from both parties.

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