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Springfield Electric

Springfield, Illinois is the capital and the sixth most populous city in the state. It is home to over 100,000 residents. If you pay for energy here, you have the freedom to choose your provider and potentially lower your rate. EnergyPricing.com is here to help you find a low rate without the hassle.

Learn About Your Springfield Electric Rates

In Illinois‘ deregulated energy market, providers set energy rates. Consumers can choose their provider based on personal preference. This arrangement creates competition among electric companies, prevents monopolies and keeps the overall price of energy down.

While consumers have the freedom to choose their electric provider, the utility is determined by location of the home or business. Utilities distribute the energy providers sell, making them responsible for power line maintenance and outage response. In Springfield, Ameren is your utility. You can contact this company directly when you need assistance.

In the deregulated energy market, prices fluctuate for any number of reasons. With rates constantly changing, a low rate today may not be low by next month. Shopping for a new provider can help you keep your rate down.

When you sign a new contract, you’ll commit to a fixed or variable rate. Fixed agreements have a constant price for a set period. Variable rates fluctuate from month to month based on changes in the market. Before your commit to a new provider, make sure your agreement starts after your existing contract to sidestep cancellation fees.

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Comparing rates and shopping for providers can feel challenging when you handle it on your own. At EnergyPricing.com, we simplify the process with our reverse energy auctions. We’ll start the process by creating a group of electric companies that will bid for your business.

In a traditional auction, people offer higher bids to win a product or service. In our auctions, electric suppliers want to win your business, and they know you want a low rate. As a result, bids will go down — and you can watch them drop in real time.

By the end of the auction, you’ll have a variety of energy rates to choose from. Along with pricing, you’ll want to consider contract terms and how they align with our usage. To help you navigate these details, we’ll pair you with one of our energy advisors. When the process is complete, you can feel confident about your new contract.

Compare Electric Rates in Springfield

Our reverse auctions are ideal for large commercial and industrial consumers, but we offer a secondary service for Springfield residents and small business owners. With our shopping platform, we use your zip code and contract start date to identify a list of current market rates. You can compare the prices yourself and sign a contract right from our site.

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