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Augusta, ME, Electric

Augusta is the state capitol and is just 55 miles north of Portland. The cities largest employer is Central Maine Power Company. If you work or own a business in Augusta, you can shop for an alternative electricity supplier with a better rate. Let us at use our tools and expertise to get you a competitive electric rate.

Understanding Energy in Augusta, Maine

The state of Maine is deregulated for electricity. This means that you can choose the company that supplies your energy. Utilities under deregulation are no longer utility monopolies. Competition is derived from deregulation and therefore suppliers can keep the market historically lower than regulated markets.

In Augusta, the utility is Central Maine Power. They are predetermined based on your location. Their distribution costs are set by them and cannot be shopped for as they are responsible for distributing your energy to your home or business and maintain the power lines. For any power outages, you will want to contact the utility. Central Maine Power also provides customers with a default supply rate they call the Standard Offer price. This is a variable rate that changes throughout the year and not necessarily the cheapest option.

Competitive Electricity Providers (CEPs) are what suppliers in Maine are referred to as. If you shop on your own, it is often time consuming. How can you ensure you’ve reviewed all the supplier rates in your area? makes it simple and efficient so you know you’re comparing identical offers.

You will want to know when your existing contract is ending. This way you can avoid any potential early termination fees.

Take the Guess Work Out of Contract Language and Terms

Understanding the different options available in Maine is the first step when choosing a new supplier. There are variable rates, fixed rates, block & index options, etc.

Additionally, there are monthly service fee products, cancellation clauses and residential promotions that make it complicated. We make it simple. With our solutions, we can show you the best options available to your home or business without the hassle that comes with reviewing offers individually.

Variable rates are just that. They change each month with the market and typically do not require a commitment.

Fixed rates lock in your energy for a set term and absorb some of the risk of market volatility.

Block & Index options are tailored more to larger commercial clients that can best manage their usage throughout the year. Clients lock in a block of their consumption and then can utilize a variable and index part during their set agreement. This option does require a more hands on approach.

Our energy experts are ready to help you assess your usage and determine the best course of action.

Let us help you understand energy contracts in Maine with a quick call to our experts at 800-225-3813.

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Our reverse energy auctions revolutionize the way commercial clients shop for energy. The process is simple. Your energy expert works with you to identify a key list of qualified suppliers specific to your business, usage and load profile. With the suppliers invited to the auction, on auction day you will be able to watch LIVE as they bid on your energy. They can see if they are not the lowest and can submit another offer.

Once the auction closes, your energy expert will be there to review and discuss the outcome. Our team helps you understand the different contracts so you can make an informed decision regarding your usage.

Our reverse auctions are ideal for large commercial and industrial operations that consume high amounts of energy. Reducing your rate can make a significant difference in your expenses.

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