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Portland Power Companies

Portland is the largest city in the state of Maine. The city relies on tourism, commercial fishing & shipping. There are a lot of businesses that can benefit from switching to a third party supplier. No matter if your a business or resident of Portland, power is a necessity and you can benefit from comparing suppliers and shopping your electric. Our team at EnergyPricing.com can help you find the best rate and term for your home or business.

How Portland Maine Power Companies Are Different From Suppliers

Maine as a whole is a deregulated electricity market. What this means to you as the consumer is that you have the power to choose your supplier. There are many benefits to deregulation. Not only does it prevent utility monopolies, but it drives competition between suppliers and historically is proven to keep rates lower than regulated markets.

Your Portland power company (utility), is predetermined based on your location. They are responsible for distributing your energy to your home or business and maintaining transmission lines as well. If you need to report a power outage, they are the one to call. By default, you will receive the Standard Offer price with the utility until you switch.

Suppliers in Maine are often referred to as Competitive Electricity Providers (CEPs). Shopping for a new CEP on your own can be time consuming. EnergyPricing.com makes it simple and efficient so you know you’re comparing identical offers.

Before you start shopping for your next agreement, it’s important to know when your current contract ends. This way you can avoid any potential termination fees.

Easily Compare Energy Companies in Portland

For residential and small commercial clients, shopping for a quick rate may be more beneficial of your time. Easily compare rates and identify the best offer in your service area based on your requested start date and zip code. Than, signup with them right on our website.

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Understanding Contract Terms and Options Doesn't Need to Be Tricky

There are many products on the market that can make knowing where to start confusing. The basic product offers include fixed and variable types.

For residential customers, there are also products that can include a monthly service fee. Always ensure you review the terms and conditions to make sure you are choosing the right option.

Commercial clients benefit from fixed or block & index solutions. Within your energy supply, there are components that make up your total energy charge. Through a fixed product, you can choose which of those components or all you want to lock verses pass-through. Block & index is the opportunity to lock in a fixed amount of usage and then index a portion of it within your term.

Knowing which product type is best for your business is the hardest part. We can help by reviewing your usage and load and determine an energy plan for your future agreements. From there, we can utilize the reverse energy auction to get you the best rate.

If you need help understanding energy contracts in Maine, you can talk to one of our energy advisors at 800-225-3813.

Let Suppliers Come To You

At EnergyPricing.com, our reverse energy auctions are changing the way commercial clients shop for energy. The process is simple. Your energy expert identifies a key list of qualified suppliers specific to your business, usage and load profile. They then are invited to participate in the auction. On the scheduled date of the auction, you will be able to watch LIVE as the bids come in. Suppliers can see if they are not the lowest and have unlimited chances to resubmit their offers.

When the auction closes, you energy expert will be there to review and discuss the outcome. Our team wants you to understand your contract choices so you can make the most informed decision for your usage.

Our reverse auctions are ideal for large commercial and industrial operations that consume high amounts of energy. Reducing your rate can make a significant difference in your expenses.

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