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Deregulation in Massachusetts

A Massachusetts electric company that is deregulated allows for competition and consumers to choose who supplies their energy. In 2005, Massachusetts deregulated their market, along with other states in the movement. Deregulation prevents utilities from forming monopolies, which keeps prices down for consumers.

As a consumer, you can choose a new supplier when you’re ready to renew your contract. The energy market changes regularly. Staying on top of the energy market may not be at the top of your daily tasks. But it is on ours. With our continuous monitoring of the market, we make it easy to know how exactly long you should hedge your consumption based on market conditions and your overall energy strategy. Don’t have an energy strategy? No problem. We can assist with developing one of those too.

Utilities in Massachusetts

While suppliers provide the energy your home or business uses, your energy utility delivers the power to your building through distribution lines. Your utility company is decided based on your location, and they’re your point of contact if you experience outages or downed power lines. These companies also send your bill to you every month. A fair Massachusetts electric company will explain your options and help you shop for an energy supplier.

Eversource: (800) 286-2000

National Grid: (800) 642-4272 

Unitil:(888) 301-7700

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Residential & Small Business Rates in Massachusetts

If your business uses under 250,000 kWh's per year or you are shopping for your home, our online portal is a great tool to compare supplier pricing. Rates can be viewed based on your utility, your preferred start date and rate class.


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Larger commercial and industrial clients can easily benefit from our reverse energy auction process. Our technology drives your pricing down further than traditional RFP's. To get the best supplier offers, use us.

Massachusetts Electric Plan Options

When you sign with a new supplier, you accept the terms and conditions that come with it.

Fixed-Rate Plan

With fixed rate contracts, you can lock in different components that make up your energy supply; generation, transmission, capacity, usage thresholds up or down, etc.). What you do not lock in will be adjusted up or down and passed through to you as a separate charge from the supplier. Sometimes this works better in your favor.


Variable-Rate Plan

Variable rates fluctuate with the energy market, and these contracts are month-to-month. These typically have a monthly service fee attached to them. In certain instances, variable products can make sense.

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Know Before You Shop for MA Electric Rates

Diving head first may be great in the deep end. But when shopping for electric, you may want to get your groundwork in first.

Know Your T's & C's

Before you start shopping around, you should determine what you’re looking for in your contract. There are a lot of variables that you can lock in or pass through when it comes to commercial energy agreements. Knowing what is the best fit for your company can vary from another company.

Default Rate in MA

Massachusetts has a fixed and variable option when it comes to your default supply. Staying on top of the rates can be tricky but you can easily identify what your variable or fixed rate per kilowatt hour (kWh) is going to be for the next few months.

Contract End Dates

If you enroll before your existing contract ends, it’s likely that you could end up paying an early termination fee from your current supplier. Find out when your existing commitment closes and make sure that you are shopping for a rate that is able to match up to your current agreement.

Familiar Electricity Terms

Here are the basic definitions of common terms in electricity deregulation you may come across:


In a deregulated energy market, suppliers are companies who you can purchase energy from instead of your utility.


Utility companies are set based on your home or business location. They are responsible for maintaining your power lines and distributing the energy you purchased from the supplier.

Consolidated Billing

With a consolidated bill, you are receiving one bill that includes both supplier and utility charges. This bill usually comes from the utility. With dual bills, you receive a bill from the supplier and a bill from the utility separately.

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